Now, if you’ve read my book, you probably have a date for Valentine’s Day, but for those who have not  gotten their copy, here are 10 great things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single:

1. Have a “Singles Discrimination Day” bar crawl.

Plan your own “Singles Discrimination Day” bar crawl. Grab one or two of your girlfriends (never more than two, because you do want to meet some great guys while you are out, and Valentine’s Day is actually a great day to meet men)!  Pick an area that has a bunch of bars located close together. Grab some Valentine’s Day party favors, an Uber, (no drinking and driving) and hit the streets!

2. Do it! Participate in a speed dating event.

Why not? There are lots of speed dating events around Valentine’s Day. Sign up for one and get out there and meet some potential dates. Just have fun!

3. Have a home spa day.

Take some me time…guilt free. Immerse yourself in a fully self-indulgent day. Go all the way, a full body scrub, facial, manicure and pedicure. Create a relaxing mood. Light some scented candles. Turn on some relaxing music. Lay back and enjoy pampering yourself.

4. Or, go to a real spa!

Schedule an appointment for a professional massage. Spend time in the sauna, salt room or hot tub. Get a professional mani/pedi.

5. Get a makeover.

Yes and yes! Really shake things up. Call up your stylist to schedule a whole new look. Grab that new outfit you’ve been eyeing. Then go and surprise your friends.

6. Go to the movies.

Missed out on all the new movies or maybe just that one movie you haven’t gotten around to? Valentine’s Day is a great time to check it out, especially since most couples will be out to dinner. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

7. Take a dance class.

Sweat it out this Valentine’s Day in a dance class. Learn a new dance step and maybe meet a new dance partner! Or, check your local area events calendar for Valentine’s Day singles dances near you. Own the dance floor with your girls!

8. Binge watch your favorite TV show.

Ok, you can do this any day but since you don’t have any plans, pop up some popcorn (add a little truffle oil), turn off your phone and binge watch away.

9. Go to a museum

Check out that new artist you’ve been following from the sidelines. Stimulate your brain at that new science exhibit. Museums are always fun and informative. And, they are one of the best places to enjoy the day.

10. Volunteer

One of the best ways to lift your mood is to help others. There is joy in giving. This Valentine’s Day instead of thinking just about yourself, think about what you can do for other people. Call up a local nonprofit organization you really believe in and ask what you can do to help.

11. Bonus idea, read a book!

I suggest Date Like A Woman!! But, any book will do!


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