The New Year is fast approaching. If 2018 was filled with horrible dating experiences, here are five steps to avoid dating nightmares in the future.

1. Let go of the past.

2018 is over. That means it’s time to let go! Let go of all past mistakes you made in your dating life…the bad relationships…the dates you would rather forget. Especially let go of the men who are bad for you. And then, forgive yourself. You can never have a great dating life if you are constantly judging yourself and beating yourself up for your past mistakes. So let go!

2. Put your needs first.

Women are always told to put others before ourselves. That is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. You cannot be your best for others if you are not already at your best, so don’t ever be afraid to put your needs first. In this New Year do not sacrifice yourself for a relationship. Get your needs met in the relationship, first. If that’s not happening, move on!

3. Ignore “societal norms.”

Date men who you are attracted to. So what if he’s younger! So what if he isn’t a CEO! As long as he is genuinely interested in you, paying attention to you, and is compatible with you, do not let society steal away your happiness. Stop letting the outside world tell you what makes you happy. Only YOU can determine what makes you happy. So do you!

4. Stop limiting your options. Be open.

Throw away your list. Do not let your expectations destroy your options. Be open. You may learn that you like something in a man that you never thought you would. When you limit yourself before you even have a chance you may miss out on something great.

5.Get the best dating book for women!!

Of course get the dating book with all the best strategies and tips made for women who want to learn how to date and be happy at the same time!! Don’t be the last to learn how to get the most out of dating!!


Happy New Year!! And Happy Dating!!


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