About three weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled “Certified Wife School?” in which I detailed my brief interactions with Rokisha “Ro” Elori Cutno regarding her “wife school.” At that time, and based upon a previous encounter, I had suspicions that Ro might be a scammer . It seemed that she was preying upon very vulnerable women who were searching for marriage. In my most recent contact I even challenged Ro to debate me in an open forum. My challenge was as expected turned down and she promptly blocked me.

For a short time after that a few of her followers “debated” me on Facebook to the best of their abilities. The online discussions caused me to change my thoughts about the “school.” Based on interactions with Ro’s followers I started to see that these women behaved more like cult followers than students. Of course, that was only a theory until a few days ago when I was contacted by one of her former students, Elle Sibyl. Elle reached out to me via Facebook after someone had forwarded my page to her. She stated, “…several women had been taken advantage of and that they were organizing to leak her ‘wife school’ content and that they were seeking a legal remedy to get their money back.” I asked Elle if she would be willing to be interviewed. She agreed.

Knowing the importance of getting to the core of Ro’s wife school, especially since she had blocked me not once, but twice, for asking probing questions, I decided to make it so others could also share their stories. I created a page so that anyone who had been taken advantage of could share those experiences. I really was not prepared to find out what I found out.

From the very first story shared through my website I could see that Ro was preying on the most vulnerable of women. The first to submit information was a young woman whose initials are M.F.  Her detailed responses truly gave me insight into who Ro chooses as victims. You see M.F. came to Ro’s wife school after she was “in a state of postpartum depression and shock from my son’s dad leaving me as a single mom when we agreed towards marriage.” M.F. stated that she has spent, “$1179.89 for all wife school parts, dating for marriage, trophy wife, and the mentor fees.” She also revealed that, “We had to hook our bank account to the mentors and I had $18,000 at the time and it dwindled down to $6,000 so I’m still trying to track where my money left my account and went to.”

M.F. has had over thirteen thousand dollars stolen from her. She described intimidation tactics that Ro and her underlings use to prevent the victims from speaking up. Not only are they made to sign non-disclosure agreements, but according to M.F., “…we had to sign our address, name, and photocopy of our driver’s license so they can do security checks at the tea hosting and slumber party events.” Although  victims want to speak out, many are too afraid because “[Cutno] also has access to our bank accounts, legal names, phone numbers and home address. Ro would become very upset with those who refused to share their personal information, telling them, we do it all the time for the white man and the Cutno Grangenois family is our family and we should trust them since they’re taking precious time out to teach us.”

“Anyone who disagrees gets publicly shamed and humiliated and she will force members to attack former mentees on their pages and comments. She says it’s black loyalty.” These intimidation tactics are used on those who do not agree with Ro. Elle, the woman who first contacted me, states that she was even threatened, “because I had a business that was similar to her child development and parenting course.” Further, “the threats, the lies, the bullying, the stealing, she had her mentor walk off with 200 of my dollars without giving me my product. They tried to force me into deleting post[s] from my page and make a public apology. Ro made post[s] about me and my daughter because I gave an honest review of a parenting method I tried of hers and did not work. I was not like the others to give her good reviews if something was crappy I told the truth, she didn’t like it, and had her followers talk down about my child on social media.”

There is too much for me to share in just one post so there will be a followup to this. The women who have contacted me so far have lost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to Ro. Not only have these women lost their money but they also did not get the help they truly needed. I will continue to write about this operation until these women get justice. I may even post some of their interviews here in their entirety.

Theft and intimidation are all tactics of cults. Sadly, these two women are not the only victims who have shared their stories with me. As I have delved deeper I have even run into hints of women/child trafficking. I did not expect this to be such a sad story but I am determined to get to the bottom of it.

While I know the Internet is full of scams I believe that the only reason that Rokisha has been able to run her criminal enterprise for so long is because most, if not all, of her victims are black women.  Unfortunately, the world does not stand up and pay attention when black women are being victimized, especially when being victimized by one of our own.

If you are a victim of Ro’s wife school I encourage you to speak up. You are a victim of a predator and you deserve justice.

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