In continuation of our series about Ro’s wife school I have decided to post another interview with one of her victims. This interview is from a victim who gave her initials as N.R.


How did you find out about Ro’s Wife School?

Someone on my timeline reposted a post of Ro’s. I reviewed several of her posts and contacted her directly about wife school.


What prompted you to join?

I felt an overwhelming pressure to get married in my personal life. The gall of the 2016 femininity chitlin circuit was in full swing and I was starting to feel that I was aging alone. Social media makes it easy to have a pity party and scream all day and night, “Why not me!” or “When is it my time!” She made it seem like she had all the answers and I bought it hook, line and sinker!


How much money did you spend to join Ro’s Wife School?

I purchased wife school for $300 dollars in installments that actually ended up being closer to $400 dollars. I was advised shortly after that I would need to invest in all the pop courses that would range from $25 to $300 dollars.


How long were you enrolled in Ro’s Wife School?

Because I purchased the online version there was no enrollment session per se.


How much money have you spent in total?

$1k for wife school, pop up course and certified wives’ mentor training.


Were you asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

I was asked to sign a non-disclosure and a payment contract.


Did you gain anything from the experience?

I learned that low esteem is a cash cow for manipulators and anyone who wants to make money. I realized that it didn’t matter if I was as soft as butter or tough as nails, what is for me, is for me in its due time. There is no secret formula and there is no one way to skin a cat!


While enrolled were you allowed to ask questions about Ro’s Wife School?

I was censored immediately upon joining the ranks.


Were you enrolled in classes in person or online?



Is Ro the only teacher at her Wife School?

For the most, yes. Most of the material was prerecorded. The additional classes offered in her site occasionally had other teachers but many left upon my arrival in her groups.


If you are no longer enrolled, why did you leave?

It started with the push to come to the Paris house because I am almost too old to get married to a healthy man. Then it was get a mentor, paid $40 a month for a year to be a part of a Facebook group 🙄. Then it was pay money for perfume, dresses, makeovers;  then it was pay money to go to the summit but when you get there you will have to cook and clean and bring food for the attendees even though you paid hundreds to come. Refuse to go? You are masculine. Paid over $300 for wife school only to be told that too much time had passed and I needed special permission from Ro and spouse to get access to materials I paid for. Then I was blocked because I professionally and humbly disagreed with her on a post. Now if any other company you did business with treated you that way, you would be livid and rightfully deserve a refund. In one year I spent $1000 dollars for fucking shitty videos and Facebook group access, having my friends’ list flooded with their multiple pages, constantly being told duplicitous shit, (Don’t work for the white man but if you can’t pay for this next course, item, trip, you are poor), all the while asked to spend more money and receive even less all via Facebook which they don’t own and at any time can kick them off.


Why do you want to speak about Ro’s school now?

It’s a scam and I am tired of black women being told we are not enough. Between Art Cathey and Ro Cutno these groups have to stop. These groups have women jumping through all kinds of hoops, meanwhile degrading them for jumping through the hoops. How can one woman speak about what millions of men like? Several months ago Ro demanded that all members of the mentor groups go to Amazon and rate her book “Man Leads” 5 stars and write a glowing review. Failure to do so could get you banned from the group. That’s whack! She even went so far as to say if you hadn’t bought the book still give the review because “White people do it all the time.” I simply got fed up.


Do you believe Ro’s Wife School is a cult?

Yes. I used to laugh about how people got swept up with Jim Jones. But after my experiences with Ro, I realize it’s quite easy. She plays on your fears, making you feel she has the answers and that if you simply endure her abuse…you will be next to be chosen for marital bliss. It’s sad. I lost friends and family because of this madness.


Have you reported Ro’s Wife School to any government agency? If so, which one(s) and why?

I have not as I didn’t think I had a viable claim to do so. I am also embarrassed that I fell for a scam. Also, I hosted one of her tea parties in Indianapolis. One of the requirements for attending and hosting was to pay an entry fee as well as send her a pic of your license. Due to her antics I don’t know what she would do if I filed a report as she has a copy of my legal driver’s license.


If you have also been a victim of Ro’s wife school please share your story. 


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