In continuation of our series about Ro’s wife school I have decided to post another interview with one of her victims. This interview is from a woman who chose to remain anonymous.


How did you find out about Ro’s Wife School?

Online through FB.


What prompted you to join?

The ideal of getting Married; she was teaching things most mothers don’t teach their daughters.


How much money did you spend to join Ro’s Wife School?

$300 for wife school, it’s actually not $30,000 no one pays that price.


How long were you enrolled in Ro’s Wife School?

4 years.


How much money have you spent in total?

Thousands literally.


Were you asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

They have you sign contracts and non-disclosure for wife school.


Did you gain anything from the experience?

I have. I also learned how to run a business through donations only.


While enrolled were you allowed to ask questions about Ro’s Wife School?

No one can ask questions, if you do, you get kicked out and ridicule[d]. As she say [sic] she is the master teacher. Children aren’t allowed to question their parents therefore you cannot question her nor the mentors.


Were you enrolled in classes in person or online?



Is Ro the only teacher at her Wife School?

She has the mentors, Keisha, Tiffany, Periz, Sophia, and another I forget her name at the moment she’s quite [sic]. So you have to pay a monthly fee for mentorship which is just a private FB group. No one actually mentors though. You can ask for advice but you will be shot down. It’s basically a private FB social group that you’re paying for. You’re also supposed to receive free classes online but Ro still charges you. She gets hype about one thing have everyone pays [sic] then you hear both [sic] of it anymore. Nothing is being fulfilled. You’re just basically giving money away for free. Nothing in return is giving [sic]. She tells you not to work but you have to work to sell her program, books, perfume etc. all while she keeps asking you for more money for classes that is just a video of her talking. As she says she’s a housewife she doesn’t work so nothing is professional or planned out. She is a scammer because you’re running a business but hiding it from your local government all while reporting you make 0 income. That’s fraud and illegal. She’s hustling vulnerable men and women out their money. But guess what the men don’t pay for nothing really it’s the women who gives up their hard earned money. Wife school was around before she met Laurent although it has not been around for many years as she exclaimed. Her husband is working for her! He is not the man of the house, she is. She runs and plans everything. He’s not American so he is blind-sided off what she does and her traps he has even fall[en] into because he doesn’t understand the American way. Americans scam each other to survive, she does that through marriage. Notice in Candance’s interview Ro and her kids were living with her and not paying for anything not even cleaning up. Ro is very clever and smiled full of her wrongful ways, but hey she’s a hustler gotta respect the game. So yes I learn[ed] the game from her by watching her.


If you are no longer enrolled, why did you leave?

Because of you, you gave many the opportunity to leave. You open[ed] the door and many ran for real. In the group she will dog you out if you leave or try to. Make you seem poor and you’re not helping the black community by not paying her her fee. The crazy thing is the mentors don’t even get paid anymore. They don’t even have passive income set up for them. Even Periz had to live off her savings while being out the country. Everyone except her that has visited Ro in France has left the group. Wonder why? Too much to explain, although I’m sure you can quickly figure out why.


Why do you want to speak about Ro’s school now?

A personal thing for me, a freedom thing, letting go….


Do you believe Ro’s Wife School is a cult?

No and yes because she is conforming the women to be like her. Notice the style of dressing, maximal lip gloss, arch[ed] eyebrows, red cheeks etc.; yes, she does teaches [sic] you how to wear makeup her way, what dresses to wear, how to talk. Everyone talks, dress, speak the same, so yes, cultish that way and those in it don’t see it until you break free. She doesn’t teach self-esteem, lifting others up, being you and who you are, not even teaching how to love yourself. That’s a major problem. How can you tell a person to get married without teaching loving yourself first. Those that got married, she controls it. If they ever were to leave it would end ASAP. Only 3 marriages were produce[d] by Match making. The others did it on their own or had join[ed] with a spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. Therefore, Ro has not created many marriages with wife school.


Have you reported Ro’s Wife School to any government agency? If so, which one(s) and why?

No, because reality is you were not wise enough to not donate. A donation is a donation but I was smart enough to claim it on my taxes.


Is there anything else you would like us to know about Ro’s Wife School?

There are a lot of teachers teaching this, if one is saying to donate to help the black community when she gives away nothing to the black community not even helping the homeless you should move on quickly. Reality is no woman or man should be charging for education on how to be a wife/husband. A valuable person would just teach online giving messages here and there, not robbing the black community and putting it in her family pockets. For everyone that’s still in what has Ro given you that makes you say yes I’m a witness of her giving back to the black community in the USA[?] Charging blacks isn’t giving back, having an event with ridiculous fees isn’t giving back. What has she done even in your own backyard that you can honestly say Ro is helping the black community[?] I can honestly say she has done nothing for the black community and tore down many women leaving with broken self-esteem. Perfect example is Dominic[‘s] story. I can give so many examples of how she ripped others apart but not one great story to tell and I been around since the beginning. FYI getting married (arranged or force) isn’t a success story!

If you have also been a victim of Ro’s wife school please share your story. 


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