In continuation of our series about Ro’s wife school I have decided to post another interview with one of her victims. This interview was the very first anonymous interview we received.


How did you find out about Ro’s Wife School?


Through Facebook.


What prompted you to join?


I had an incident with my child’s father and his family. His family told me I would never marry their son because of what I named my child and I was in a state of postpartum depression and shock from my son’s dad leaving me as a single mom when we agreed towards marriage. I was Anikiyah Periz Jackson’s mentee in the North Carolina district. It was $39.99 at the time of sign up and Ro said new members could get 3 months free of membership if they signed up for the 3 month offer and agreed to take wife school. I took the first part for $85 and was later told if we didn’t take the rest of wife school part 2-4, the 3 months free wouldn’t be applied. Anikiyah, Ro, and the mentors told us to lie to men and get platonic male vouchers to help pay for the wife school and to depend on them to stop working because work is for men. I told my dad and he funded me the money for the rest. I didn’t want to take the rest of the classes bc the videos are poor quality and I wanted to leave. Then the mentors and Ro started publicly cyberbullying and shaming members who weren’t impressed by the videos and poor quality of what we had to pay for. She said she doesn’t proclaim herself as a professional because anything professional means it’s work, it’s masculine and it’s for men. She said anyone who disagreed would be blocked from the movement. The ones who were blocked were publicly embarrassed and bullied the next day in several posts. I was in the movement when mentor Dominique got stranded in Paris and made her blog post. I was in the movement when Boyce Watkins interviewed her and the comment section was telling us she was a scammer. Ro ordered us to go into the comments section to give good reviews and defend her and we had to give good reviews on her book and screenshot what we said to stay in the group and have access for what we paid good money for. She kept us dangling to her promises of learning passive income, how to cook French and Japanese foods, and learn new languages only to be lied to again. Anikiyah and the other mentors said they don’t actually teach that. They told us to learn how to do that on YouTube. The only thing they teach is the man leads book, what is feminine and masculine and how to lie because white people lie and it’s human nature so we should lie too to get ahead. She offered the Trophy Wife course saying she finally has time to teach us cooking and language courses for $300. When you pay, you get access into the Facebook group and then you have to leave the Facebook group to get on nudge and her WordPress blog. The WordPress blog was how we could make passive income. The nudge app was for the rabbit and juice fast diet. The language courses she promised to teach were literal 3 second audios where she said hello in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. That was it! The blog was nothing special either. It was tips on keeping your hair natural, wear only blouses, never pants, only dresses and skirts, meet men at museums, appreciate art and classical music everyday listen to classical music only, and build a poor black man up into a rich man and settle to him. Marriage isn’t for love but for security and protection only so it doesn’t matter who you marry as long as they fit the 15 points in the man leads books. It was honestly a waste of time and we had to focus on the juice fast for the 3 months of teaching she lied about. I was going to go to the family meeting in 2017 but she lied about everything she promised, I didn’t go. I was in the family meeting Facebook group and she said it on the nudge app too that the purpose of getting rich and getting passive income is to lie to people and dangle promises you never fulfill to gain their loyalty. She said white people do this daily so that was the secret to passive income and get[ting] multiple streams of income. She blatantly said lie and scam like she was doing to us. I was done after that out to revelation [sic].


How much money did you spend to join Ro’s Wife School?


It was $39.99 to join at the time so I signed up with Anikiyah.


How long were you enrolled in Ro’s Wife School?


From December 2016 to October 2017.


How much money have you spent in total?


$1179.89 for all wife school parts, dating for marriage, trophy wife, and the mentor fees. We had to hook our bank account to the mentors and I had $18,000 at the time and it dwindled down to $6,000 so I’m still trying to track where my money left my account and went to.


Were you asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?


Yes I was and we had to sign our address, name, and photocopy of our driver’s license so they can do security checks at the tea hosting and slumber party events.


Did you gain anything from the experience?


No. I already read GL Lambert books and basically dating for marriage was an audio summary on the Ho Tactics book. I wanted to learn more about marriage and how to get soft and hard proposals like she promised to teach but they never taught in that either. I also wanted to learn how to cook African food and languages at the in person events and they never taught that either at the tea parties. We weren’t allowed to film or record their [sic] either.


While enrolled were you allowed to ask questions about Ro’s Wife School?


We couldn’t ask certain questions about it or we would be kicked out. They said we can only listen and observe and not ask questions. The mentors were our surrogate husbands so we had to practice staying quiet and never questioning anything to stay feminine and to become Certified Wives.


Were you enrolled in classes in person or online?


Online and at the local tea events.


Is Ro the only teacher at her Wife School?


“Ro is the main teacher of Wife school and she designates mentors to mentees in certain locations in the US. Keisha Anderson, Anikiyah Periz Jackson, Walladah Muhammad, Sophia Perryman, Renee Jackson, Toryanita Watterson, Dominique Nicole, Kandyce.

If we were there for 6 months, we were encouraged to graduate the wife exam, get the certificate for $140, which she said previously was free with the mentorship 3 month free program if we paid for wife school, and from there, we can get the chance to become a mentor.”


If you are no longer enrolled, why did you leave?


I was kicked out bc I didn’t have all PayPal receipt payments. They wanted it in order and I couldn’t find one email payment. They wanted screenshots of the email and not the PayPal payment to prove it was real or something so they kicked me [and] a few other ladies out for not having the receipts together.


Why do you want to speak about Ro’s school now?


I’ve been wanting to speak out but she intimidates mentees. She also has access to our bank accounts, legal names, phone numbers and home address[es]. She would often get upset with people who refused to give that information up because we do it all the time for the white man and the Cutno Grangenois family is our family and we should trust them since they’re taking precious time out to teach us. Anyone who disagrees gets publicly ashamed [sic] and humiliated and she will force is [sic] members to attack former mentees on their pages and comments. She says its black loyalty.


Do you believe Ro’s Wife School is a cult?


It is very much a cult and a scam pyramid system. To get passive income, you have to give $438 to get double the amount back. The more you pay the higher your payout. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal too. It is a cult because we cannot question anything or act a certain way. We can’t share silly videos or pictures using paper or plastic plates or she’ll post it all over her page shaming the member. She calls it correction and that shame and humiliation is healthy in African society since we are African descendants. We have to wear dresses all the time, smile all the time, wear ugly ass [f]ake pearl necklaces, ugly heels, and dress like an old fashioned Baptist church usher. We have to agree and cannot disagree to anything ever and have to constantly work to being perfect Certified “Stepford” Wives.


Have you reported Ro’s Wife School to any government agency? If so, which one(s) and why?


I’m trying to report her to the FTC for cyber harassment, business scams that she says are donations but they are mandatory donations in the amount she wants us to pay in, and I want to get in contact with the French government for internet scams and fraud pyramid schemes. She’s located in Atlanta, France, and New Orleans.


Is there anything else you would like us to know about Ro’s Wife School?


It’s a scam. The book is not copyrighted and is plagiarized heavily from Candice’s black girls guide to marriage series. They were partners at one time and Ro stole the materials and ran. Wife School isn’t necessary. What’s needed for women is actually understanding femininity and the etiquette which is free in certain parts of the US. I’ve learned more from sugar babies and escorts than from wife school and that’s basically what she teaches on. How to be a sugar baby but changed it to certified wife.


If you have also been a victim of Ro’s wife school please share your story. 


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