You may have noticed a flurry of activity on Ro’s Facebook page recently. There have been several profiles commenting and having conversations with each other on her posts. Well it turns out the majority of those profiles commenting on Ro’s page are fake. I am fairly sure Ro has been using fake profiles for quite some time to give the appearance that more people were interested in her “classes” or whatever else she was peddling, however, since her exposure as a scam artist the fake profiles are much more obvious.

For those who would like to check out Ro’s fake profiles here is a partial list. You will notice that many of these fake profiles are also “friends” with each other.

If the name appears with no link that means the profile has recently been deleted.

1. Ashlee dawn

2. Ramir Black

3. Dawn Hawkins

4. Nae Coleman

5. Tina Taylor

6. Sherrita Coleman

7. Adaku Oni

8. Sabryna McIntosh

9. Kayla Peters

10. Robin Nikolle

11. Janice Lee

12. Jada Nelson

13. Colette Reese

14. Leonna Jenkins

15. Lonni young

16. Lynn rand

17. Marie Williams

18. Shanice Jefferson

19. April Bing

20. Nia Jones

21. Nicole Evans

22. Danielle Nicholes

23. DaJanae Mayo

24. Olivia Felds

25. Jasmine Turner

26. Aaliyah Muhummad

27. Mia Robinson

28. Kania Shaw

29. Elise Bush

30. Danisha Wright

31. Raichelle Fair

32. Jasmin Reed

33. Monique long

34. Hakeem Ra

35. Joy baker

36. Chris Black

37. Kenytetta Collins

38. Robert King

39. Damian Howard

40. Samantha Noel

41. Mara Rome

42. Michael Bothwell

43. Bri Collins

44. Alinani menzia

45. Derrick Washington


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