A woman who calls herself Namaste Moore and her husband Richard Moore seem to be running another scheme similar to the wife school cult. According to their website they claim themselves to be “Alchemists. Inspirers. Oracles. Teachers. Mentors. Lovers.” They state on their website that “Baba Richard and Sri Namaste aka the Infinite Couple are the Founders of The School of Alchemy and the School of Feminine Transformation. They are Metaphysicians and life and relationship Alchemists who facilitate the transformation of the mundane into the Precious utilizing the Wisdom of the Ages.” Their website offers “courses” including “Dating with Intention & Conscious Courtship,” “The Moon Mysteries,” & Hustle-Free Business Class” which range from $97 to $197.

Namaste has a fairly large facebook following and similarly to Ro Elori Cutno of the wife school cult Namaste expects her followers to not question her. And just like Ro she blocks anyone who doesn’t agree with her or contradicts her “teachings.” In addition, she requires that her followers call her “mama” and her husband “baba.” Namaste appears to have combined her “femininity teachings”with the known pseudosciences of alchemy and metaphysics as well as some established religions. You would think that using pseudosciences to promote her “teachings” would make this scheme obvious however sadly people are still being duped.

I have to admit running into these “feminine” scammers is getting a bit tiring however maybe it’s my calling to expose them because these folks are flying under the radar and taking advantage of a lot of women. I am not sure if Namaste has caused as much harm as Ro because she doesn’t appear to be as outrageous, however, I am posting this to reach out to anyone who may have any information about this woman or any victims who have fallen for her schemes. If you are a victim or you have information about Namaste and would like to share please contact me.


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