Someone needs to expose you. You are another manly feminist hating on traditional feminine women. All you feminist [sic] want is for women to be bitter single [sic] and lonely. You are tearing good women down to sell your trash book. And you keep talking about the feminine teachers not having men but you don’t have a man either. You just want traditional women to be masculine like you. You’re garbage and your book sucks.


At first I wasn’t going to respond to this, however, I feel that I should say something. Let me be very clear, the wife/femininity schools exposed on my blog were exposed by their own former followers, not me. Women who had been taken advantage of by these fraudulent schools reached out to me to share their stories. I merely provided the platform, my blog, so their voices could be heard. Once the first story was shared more stories flooded in. I still have not shared everything that was sent to me. That’s how many women reached out.

After the stories about the wife school were shared more women reached out to me about other similar femininity schools who were taking advantage of women desperate to get married. I think those women reached out because I was willing to listen and share their stories as well. Since most of the victims of these “schools” have been black women there has been a huge lack of mainstream media interest in helping them. I have a popular website so I used it to shed light on what’s happening.

Now, I don’t know what’s been going on recently in the world of wife/femininity schools, (I did notice an increase in traffic to those articles earlier this week), but I honestly don’t think much about them other than they are scams. I truly feel for the women who are being taken advantage of, however, if they want to spend their money on people ranting all day on Facebook and YouTube about so called “manly feminists” so be it.

It is important to be clear on what feminism really is. Feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” Yes, I am a feminist. I believe in the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. I believe women should get equal pay for equal work. I believe women are leaders just as much as men. I believe in protecting women and girls from rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence. I believe in women’s knowledge being acknowledged without being second guessed. I believe in empowering women, period.

I also think women should have the right to choose to be whatever it is they want to be, single, married, partnered, whatever they want. The point is choice. That’s feminism. I see nothing wrong with being single just like I see nothing wrong with being married. Now, as far as feminists being “single, bitter, and lonely,” most of the feminists I know are either married or partnered. While some are single they are also happy. What I have noticed is that most of the women running these fraudulent movements are the angry and bitter ones. They spend the majority of their time spewing harsh negativity.

As far as “exposing me,” I am who I say I am. I wrote a book about dating. You can buy it here on my site or on Amazon. (I have a couple of videos too!) My book is a guide to navigating dating in a modern world. I am not selling some “program” or “school” that tells women they have to act and dress a certain way to attract men. The reason why these so called “teachers” keep getting exposed is because they are selling scams. There is not one single way to attract men. This type of brainwashing is a lie and will always be a lie. Whether through my site or others these scams will continue to be exposed and if that makes you upset, so be it.

If you want to “expose” me for being single I don’t think that will work out too well for you because I do have a partner. My private life is just that, private, but maybe you can “expose” me for having a boyfriend. By the way, he doesn’t think I am “manly” at all.

I hope you got the attention you were looking for. Hopefully, next time you will have the courage to leave your name.


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