Apparerently one of the “certified wife” graduates of the infamous wife school cult has divorced her husband and is working as a bartender. Now if I recall correctly Ro Elori Cutno claimed that women who completed her “wife school” and become “certified wives” are guaranteed to never get divorced. She also claimed that women who completed her “wife school” program should never work.

As you can see from the screenshots from Ro’s page that a woman named Marilyn, a “certified wife,” was married around December 2016.


It appears that Marilyn was one of the women photographed bowing to her husband in the bizarre “wife school” ceremony pictures from 2018.

Now Marilyn has a new last name and according to her own post is a bartender.

I guess being a “certified wife” didn’t work out. Hopefully more women will see this and understand that no one can teach you how to get married or be a wife. It’s all a scam.  Of course Ro is still in hiding, probably because her scam/cult isn’t working like it used to. While she still has a few followers loyal to her “wife school” it appears that the school is completely defunct. And I have to say I am happy about that.

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