We heard you recently had a video go viral. Can you tell us about it?


I did. I attended the renaming of Rodeo Road to Obama Blvd in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. While there, Doug E. Fresh performed and Stevie Wonder surprised him while on stage. This was totally unplanned. Stevie asked Doug E. to give him a beat and Doug E. started beatboxing. Stevie then sang a few of his songs over top of the beatboxing and the crowd went nuts! It was one of those things you know you probably wouldn’t see again so I recorded it and put in on my Facebook page that evening. I woke up early Sunday morning to over 4000 friend requests, 16K shares and 500K views. Today its up to 1.9 million views, 57K shares and close to 3K comments.


What’s been happening since your video went viral?


Since going viral, a few people in the industry noticed I’m an actor. They’re asking questions about my availability, current projects and one asked if I would attend a table read for a new project. Will Smith shared the video and it went nuts even more when he did. He didn’t give me credit for it though. Celebs, radio and tv personalities and the likes gave him huge credit for it and I was looking at it all and saying, “hey guys, it’s my video. Can I get some of that love please?” lol


We also heard you were single. What’s it like to be a single man in LA?


Oh man, where do I start. Being a single man in LA is interesting. I have a southern personality so I speak to just about everyone I make eye contact with. I’m also an extrovert so I would say I’m pretty social in any setting. With that, some may view my being polite as asking them out on a date. I received a note once from a woman stating she owed me an explanation or an apology because she feels like I’m a very nice guy and wanted to explain why she’s been avoiding me. Honestly, I had no clue she was avoiding me because I wasn’t pursuing her in any shape, form or fashion. She felt like I was asking her out on a date because I was so nice to her and she wanted to make it clear that she has a boyfriend. I didn’t ask her for anything close to a date but in her words she “felt like I was asking her out.” Once I cleared that up, we were cool I guess but then it happened again with someone else. Same script, different cast yet she flat out asked if I was being nice to get her between the sheets. At that point, I started to question the dating culture here in LA. Is there a consequence for being polite and if so, how on earth does one navigate a life of a single man here?


How often do you date?


To be honest, I haven’t dated anyone since moving to LA. I moved here in January 2015. I’ve hung out with friends (movies, social events, premiers, restaurants, etc) but I can’t say that I’ve been on an actual date.


Is there a certain “type” of woman that you are attracted to?

I’m not sure if I have a specific type. If I were to specify what I like in a woman, it would certainly be one who loves to laugh first. I’m a big kid at heart. I’d love to have someone I can grow with mentally, spiritually and with purpose. I love to travel so a traveling companion would be wonderful. I’m a foodie! I actively look at restaurant menus online and if I see something wonderful, I’ll make a reservation. I’ve made reservations off of dessert alone a few times. Don’t judge me. lol The food was great but the dessert was my focus! So if she’s down to experience different cuisines, let’s get it!


Is there a certain “type” of woman that is attracted to you?


I don’t think there’s a type of woman that’s attracted to me. If they have an interest, they let me know.  


Do you do online dating? If so, can you share an experience with us?


I’ve tried online dating once. The experience wasn’t bad but I don’t think I’ll try it again. The one noticeable thing was the majority of connections coming from other states. I would see a few notes from women in the same state I’m in and twice as many from women in other states. I wasn’t on the site long so I guess I didn’t give it time for any real connection to establish.


What’s the first thing about a woman that catches your attention when you’re out?


Her smile. When I’m out and I see an attractive woman, I often notice her smile first.  


 Do you find it difficult to ask a woman out in person?


Nope. I don’t find it difficult at all to ask a woman out. If I have an interest in getting to know her, I’ll ask if she’s available to hang out.


If a woman says “no” the first time would you ask her out a second time?


Nope. I move on. I don’t wait to see if there’s an opening later down the line.


Do you prefer to plan for a first date or do you prefer to just let it happen?


I prefer to plan the first date unless she has something that she’s been wanting to do for a while. Whatever I plan, Its often something fun. Being in Cali, I find it easy to get away from the norm, (movies, dinner) and venture more outdoors. That would give us the space to converse and get to know one another a little deeper.


What should a woman expect on a first date with you?


Fun and great conversation. I’m not asking for anything more or less on the first date. Let’s go have a ball and not care who’s watching. lol


How do you feel about a date bringing up marriage and/or children on the first few dates?


I don’t mind the topic. Most women are marriage minded and I’m sure that question would come up sooner than later. I’m not uncomfortable answering questions related to either one.


Can you tell when a woman is “husband shopping?” What gives them away?


I can tell every now and again because they actually say it. LOL! I’ve been to a few weddings where I could definitely see some husband shopping happening. There was a smorgasbord of prospects in the reception hall and after a toast or two, it was on!


Have you ever been married? Children?


I’ve never been married and I don’t have any children.


What are the top three things about a woman that are the most appealing to you and that would, perhaps, cause you to think about marriage?


Compatibility, communication, companionship. I know those are broad answers that encompass a lot more but those three would certainly get a thought moving. I’ve seen friends of mine who had wonderful relationships that ended in marriage. In that time of getting to know each other, I’ve witnessed the genuine love and compassion he/she had for one another. They grew together in a space where the only thing left was to share it for a lifetime.


Are you seriously dating anyone at present? 


I’m not dating anyone presently.


So we know you’ve been on NCIS: Los Angeles, The Young & The Restless, and Days of Our Lives, what will we see you on next?


I’ve worked on an Amazon Prime series with Phylicia Rashad and Jean Claud Van Damme called “Jean Claude Van Johnson.” I have a scene with John Cena in the movie Bumblebee and I’m currently campaigning for the role of John Stewart in the DC Comics film Green Lantern Corps. I’m working crazy hard to land that role.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?


I love to cook and bake. I can often duplicate something simply from tasting it. I’m also an adrenaline junky. I’ve been skydiving, rappelled off the side of a twenty-four story building in downtown LA and other daring things.



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