Want a better dating life as a woman? Ditch the dating apps!

Dating apps don’t work as well for women as they do for men. I have stated this many times before. (Check my old blog!) Men use dating apps because they make access to women much easier for them. Men have better dating lives when they can date more women. With dating apps men who used to have access to a handful of women now have access to hundreds.

What does this do to men?

They become much less interested in finding women to date seriously. They end up just dating for excitement. That means most of these men don’t have any genuine interest in the women they meet online. As you know from reading my book, women should only date men who are genuinely interested in them. Dating men who are not genuinely interested is a sure way to a disappointing dating life. The problem is that the way women are socially conditioned they often use dating apps in hopes of finding a serious relationship. So what ends up happening is you have a bunch of women online looking for something serious connecting to a bunch of men who just want to play. That means women who use dating apps are more disappointed with their dating experiences.

So how do you fix this?

Only date men who show you genuine interest.

But how do you know a man is genuinely interested?

If he risks being rejected publicly. Men who ask you out in public or in a public space (that can also mean online but not in the dms) are risking the chance of you turning them down. Men who risk public rejection are showing you how much they are interested in you.

So ditch the apps in 2020! Date men who will risk it all to be with you. Then watch your whole dating life change.


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