Today I was suspended from Facebook for this comment:

My comments were labeled as hate speech.

This is not the first time Facebook has suspended me for “hate speech” when I have come to the defense of women and girls. In fact, I have begun to notice a pattern on Facebook and Instagram. That is, women, especially black women, are often suspended for defending themselves or each other.

Once your account is suspended you cannot dispute the suspension. There is no person available who can be contacted to review suspensions. Basically, there is nothing you can do to defend yourself against a Facebook suspension. You just have to take it.

Meanwhile, white supremacists and hate groups targeting women thrive on Facebook. Facebook is the tool they use to assemble and spread hatred. Everyday I see memes from these groups that demean black women. Black women are subjected to hate every single day on Facebook, and yet, if we defend ourselves, we get suspended.

This has brought me to a decision. I think we, “black women,” need to sue Facebook for racial discrimination. I am only at the beginning stages of this thought but seeing that Facebook provides no recourse for suspensions, a legal action is the only way to stop these suspensions from happening.

However, I first need to know if it’s happening to anyone else. If you are a black woman (or if you are not a black woman but you feel that you have been discriminated against) and you have been suspended from Facebook/Instagram or if you have seen posts which are discriminatory against black women please fill out this form.

I have no plans to let Facebook label my account as one of hate speech when I have not committed any such violation. I will not just accept this suspension.


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