Black women Facebook users including myself have been subjected to sexist, racist, misogynistic abuse on its platform for years. My account was again restricted last week for false reasons and at this point I have had enough. I am hoping other black women have had enough too.

While I know that most facebook users are not ready to leave the platform I do know that my fellow black women content creators can make an impact by taking a direct strike at Facebook’s ad revenue. This is why I am calling to my other black women content creators to take a stand against Facebook with me. Here’s why:

  • Facebook generated $116.8 billion revenue in 2022. Approximately $65 billion came from the Facebook app.
  • $54.5 billion of Facebook’s revenue is generated in US & Canada, despite only 13% of users being based in that region
  • Size of Facebook’s global advertising audience: 2.249 billion
  • Facebook’s monthly active users equate to 37.2% of all the people on Earth today.
  • The United States of America has at least 186.4 million active Facebook users
  • 43.2% of Facebook’s global users are female


If there are 186.4 million active Facebook users that means approximately 80.5 million of them are women and approximately 10.9 million are black women. My account with just 3.3k followers reached approximately 200k users last month.

Let’s just say only 5 percent of those black women are content creators, that means that 1 million of us black women are generating content that potentially reaches at least 200k people per month. That means we black women content creators are generating BILLIONS of dollars in ad revenue for Facebook all while being abused as well as excluded from the share of the profits.

It’s time to take a stand. Since Facebook has no way of contacting them regarding our complaints we need to make an impact on their revenue so that they pay attention to us. We can make an impact on their ad revenue by simply removing our content from the platform.

First you will need another platform such as Youtube, TikTok or your own website. Instead of posting statuses, photos, videos or reels using the Facebook platform, post links to your content outside of the platform. By only posting links off of the platform, you will do two things: you take away Facebook’s ability to restrict your content and you also also takes its users off of the Facebook platform which means Facebook can’t show those users any ads while they are no longer on the platform. (You also increase traffic to your own platforms!)

The other thing you must do to make this content boycott effective is log out of Facebook when you are not posting links to your content. By doing this you take away Facebook’s ability to show you ads from their advertisers and it’s stops the app from tracking your phone use. 

While I know ONE account leaving the platform won’t impact Facebook’s revenue at all, if enough of us black women content creators and others join this boycott we can definitely create change. Of course I don’t see this happening overnight, this is a long haul process, but if you want to join me and help make change please follow the steps above and fill out the form below. As our numbers grow I will continue to update our status.

Also feel free to use these hashtags, #LogOffFacebook, #NoNewContent, #BWCreatorsFBBoycott.

Let’s make some good trouble!


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