Ok before you react, hear me out.

If you have been keeping up with the latest Smith drama, Jada Smith revealed on her Red Table Talk today that she had an “entanglement” (her words, not mine) several years ago with August Alsina. This “entanglement” happened during a period where she and Will were separated. Since then she and Will have worked on their marriage and are back together.

While I am sure Jada and Will are very committed to their marriage I can’t help but wonder if it would have been better for them to get a divorce. By their own words during their separation they both decided to go and find their own happiness. And while it seems at least from the outside looking in as though they are very committed to one another, part of me feels as though maybe they may have been happier now if they had gone through with a divorce.

In our society there is a LOT of pressure to make marriages/relationships last, especially if you have children. In fact, we constantly celebrate the longevity of people’s relationships but we never look at the happiness of the individuals. What if our society started thinking more about the health of the people in the relationship instead of the longevity of the relationship. What if we stopped thinking that long relationships/marriages were better than healthy ones. What if instead of telling people to work through their incompatibilities we started telling them that sometimes it’s ok to let go, healthier even.

After watching Jada’s Red Table Talk today I have to wonder what would have happened if she and Will had gone ahead with a divorce. Would this “entanglement” she had with August even be news now? Would Jada and Will be in new, happier relationships? Then again, sometimes relationships grow apart and then come back together and that’s what it looks like happened here.

Of course there is no way to truly know but I do wish them the best!


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