I watch a lot of foreign movies. It’s something that I have done for many years. Recently, I decided to watch Ready to Mingle because in its synopsis the main character “joins a class for single women who are in search of a husband.” And, with so many wife/femininity school scams happening here in this country, I had to see if there were relative comparisons in other places of the world. It turns out, there are.

Selling women on the idea that they can “snag a husband” if they behave a certain way is definitely a lucrative hustle. That’s because the world tells women that their lives are meaningless without men. These ideas are reinforced almost daily and can have quite an impact on women’s self-esteem. There are women all over the world who believe that they are incomplete because they are not married. It’s pretty sad but these beliefs are what makes so many women vulnerable to the lure of wife school scams.

There is something that never occurred to me until I watched this movie, the thought of women feeling envy or that something is wrong with them when they find out their friend is getting married. The main character of the movie experiences this multiple times. Throughout the movie many of her friends and relatives, even her ex-fiance, get engaged. With each engagement she gets upset and wonders what is wrong with her. Honestly, this is something that I have never felt. I have had plenty of friends get engaged. Never once did I feel anything was wrong with me. However, seeing it in this movie and having women express similar experiences I realize this is not an unusual feeling for many women. Many women are deeply affected when they find out someone they know has gotten engaged.

There is nothing wrong with being married; there is also nothing wrong with being single. If you are experiencing these feelings, stop! You should never feel that there is something wrong with you because someone else is getting married. No two people are the same and no two people share the same life’s path. If your friend gets engaged and instead of feeling happy for them you feel jealous or angry you really need to do some deep soul searching. What is the cause of this feeling? Why is someone else’s good news making you feel bad? Really analyze what is going on.

You have been taught to believe that you lack something because you don’t have a husband. That is not true. There is nothing wrong with being single. If you get married one day, cool. If you don’t, that’s cool too. Learn to enjoy your life as it is.

Date, have fun, and be happy!  And, also be happy for your friends! Oh, and that movie, it’s a serious mess. Check it out at your own risk. Lol!


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