I recently received this email from a follower of Nicole Michelle’s Inner Beauty Movement. I thought it was important to share.


I recently read your post on Nicole Michelle on datelikeawoman.com and I wanted to share my experience. I would like to stay anonymous but I am hoping that you would be able to be my voice and others’ who have gone through the same experience with Nicole Michelle’s innerbeauty movement. 

I ran across Nicole Michelle’s youtube a few months ago. Her topics and subjects were interesting and somewhat new to me. She sold me on needing to take her courses, so I signed up for her email list hoping to one day get enrolled. Her courses range from $19 to over $1k. I have never seen such expensive courses from a youtube content creator but I thought it was weird but maybe valuable to be that pricey.

During the holiday season of 2019, she was running a sale which I couldn’t miss out on. Her courses were running for $97 for the feminine and etiquette course combined with access to a group she created called the feminine elite on facebook. I quickly enrolled with excitement.

She also required a monthly subscription for $11 or more with the bundle. When I started the course, I began to feel a bit disappointed about all the hype because I was realizing a lot of her content wasn’t original work of hers but youtube videos on how to be feminine and how to practice etiquette. She had some content from her youtube videos there as well and some [powerpoints], but a majority of her content on the courses were taken from different channels on youtube. Anyway, I continued with the course and completed most of it but in the back of my mind I was disappointed and surprised that she was advertising her courses as high value, yet it wasn’t even her own content. She had poor presentations with audio issues, no demonstrations of how to do what she preached, etc.

I just brushed off my concerns and questions about the course since I ended up paying less than the $1k originally posted. She offers NO REFUNDS which was telling as to why she would keep a lot of the profit she makes and as [she] would always claim on her youtube channel, she is making a lot more than what she earned at the law firm.

She is, in my opinion, scamming and [raping] people by misleading them into purchasing a low quality product for a very high price. I hope someone brave can one day expose her tactics of doing so. I think she might be a nice lady, but her pricing, product value, and low regard for other’s needs and money is mindblowing and simply disgusting.

She has many subscribers on Youtube and people who have purchased her product, but none of made YouTube videos or truly expressed if they were truly satisfied with their purchase.

Again ladies, please stop falling for these scams. No one can teach you how to be “feminine” or how to get married. It’s all a scam to take your money. If you have also lost money to Nicole Michelle and would like to share your story please contact me:


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