There seems to be a current movement against…”cheap dates”…coming from women. I have noticed a growing discussion of coffee dates as unacceptable and considered to be not “real dates.” In my book I call it, “The ‘$200 date’ Fallacy.”

Many women believe that what a man spends on a date is somehow related to their worth. Many women say they are worth more or better than a coffee date. Many women believe that coffee dates or cheap dates show a lack of planning and that only something more expensive could be considered a real date.

“The truth is, how much a man spends on you is not indicative of his interest or love,” – Date Like A Woman, nor is it indicative of your worth. A coffee date is a date just like a dinner date. The whole purpose of the date is to spend time with you…to get to know you. I am not sure how the cost of the meal, or lack thereof, prevents getting to know the person.

By refusing to go on coffee dates or whatever you feel is a cheap date means you may miss out on a really cool person. And if you are ok with that, then cool, do you. However, keep in mind, the cost of the date has nothing to do with your value and an expensive date is no guarantee of a good time or compatibility.

~ Kai

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