While last year’s exposure of Ro Elori Cutno being a scammer did slow down her schemes, it did not slow down her attempts to continue to scam people of their hard earned money. She has been peddling everything, from parenting classes, to art classes, to a winter ball that never happened. Recently, she was trying to solicit businesses for an art show.

Two days ago we noticed something very curious happening with Ro. All of her personal Facebook profiles disappeared. I have been told that she has also stopped posting on her personal app as well. Could it be that she has finally been shut down?

There is always the possibility that a law enforcement agency has become involved. We don’t know for sure, however, we will keep an eye on this interesting development. And, if you happen to have information as to where Ro has disappeared please contact us.

Of course, if she resurfaces we will let you know!


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