If you have been keeping up with celebrity relationships, you have no doubt been aware of the ups and downs of the marriage of Cardi B and Offset, from their extravagant engagement to their explosive breakup. This morning Offset posted an apology video to Cardi B asking her to forgive him for cheating on her.

This begs the question. Should you forgive a cheater? It is such a difficult question because once a person cheats the trust in the relationship is broken. Without trust there really is no relationship. However, human beings are flawed by nature. All of us are prone to make mistakes but how can we determine if that special someone in our life has made a genuine mistake and truly wants to change? It’s difficult. I do believe that it is possible to forgive a cheater. So yes, if Cardi B decides to forgive Offset, I totally understand because forgiveness is more about how you feel than it is about the other person’s behavior.

Taking a cheater back is another story, however. Getting back into a relationship with someone who cheated on you is not a decision that can be decided on a whim. The responsibility of rebuilding the broken trust falls on the person who broke the trust in the first place. And, the only way to rebuild trust is to change the behavior.

Not that cheaters cannot change, but they have to do a LOT of work to prove they have changed. Rebuilding broken trust means putting yourself in a position where you must constantly be transparent about your behavior. Honestly this rarely happens. However, if a cheater becomes absolutely transparent and maintains the changed behavior, then and only then should their partners consider getting back into a relationship with them.

As outsiders we cannot ever know what truly happens between Cardi B and Offset. I do hope that Cardi holds off jumping right back into the relationship. She needs time to tell if Offset is serious about changing his behavior. It is not an easy decision and cannot be rushed. They, of course, have a child to consider. But honestly, being in an unhealthy marriage is much worse than being single. I hope Cardi B realizes that.

~ Kai

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