This Covid19 pandemic has created a new reality when it comes to dating, you can no longer meet people outside in social situations. And if you have been following me you know I don’t recommend online dating for women. So how exactly are you supposed to meet men to date? Well no worries, I got you! Here’s a guide on how to meet a man online.


Step 1 – Join an online community.


It can be any community but a place where there are people socializing online. I recommend joining local community or hobby groups that way if you meet someone you will already have something in common to talk about.


Step 2 – Engage in conversation.


Find a topic and make a comment! Talk to anyone you find interesting, it doesn’t just have to be a man, the point is to engage in the community. When you engage in conversation it’s important to remember to “Be interesting!” During this quarantine single women will have to rely on things other than their physical appearance to attract men. It’s like I say in my book “There are a lot of pretty women in the world and now with the wide availability of makeup, hair, and clothing options, being “pretty” is getting easier and easier to be. It is important when you are dating to be more than just “pretty.” Be interesting. Be funny. Be learned. Be more than just a well put together package.” – Date Like A Woman. Right now you have to use all the skills in your repertoire to stand out online. Interesting women stand out above the others. (Having a great profile picture doesn’t hurt either…)


Step 3 – Respond to men who publicly respond to you.


I know men are fast to hop into your DMs however, men who send dms before actually interacting with you are NOT the men you want to engage with. What you are looking for is men who respond to you in public. (Trust me on this!) You definitely want to engage in conversation with men who freely talk to you on a public forum. This is a sign of genuine interest and if you read my book you understand how important genuine interest is when deciding who to date.


Step 4 – If the conversation is good, keep talking!


After engaging in public conversation then it’s ok to send private messages. I do not recommend giving the men you meet online your phone number until you have spent a good amount of time chatting with them. However, when you do decide to share your personal information is definitely up to you and your comfort level.


Step 5 – Set Up A Virtural Date!


Having great conversations? Then make it a virtual date! And treat it like a real in life date, plan it, get dressed for it, and enjoy!



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