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These texts were shared online. The exchange is authentic and, well, I had to take a moment…As you can see the man attempted to persuade the woman to meet him in a parking lot because he didn’t want it to be considered a “date.”

This isn’t the first time this type of story has hit the Internet where a guy didn’t want to go on a “date” per se but just “hang out” or something with a woman for whatever purpose these men seem to come up with.

Don’t get me wrong. It is perfectly possible for a date to evolve into sitting in the car talking. In fact, some of the best dates can end this way. However, I know that many women are becoming frustrated and disheartened with dating because these types of behavior are becoming all too common with men.

The men who behave this way are typically the same men who constantly send direct messages to women online. They are NOT genuinely interested in dating anyone. They are simply taking advantage of the increased accessibility to women. The Internet and Internet dating have made the dating pool for men increase at an exponential rate.

Not only has the number of women that men can reach increased but the women that some men would not dare approach in person are now accessible with a push of a button. This has changed the dating landscape and while there are incels who claim that women won’t date them, on the flip side, most men can now date MUCH easier than in previous years.

Many women are frustrated because they keep running into men who are not looking for anything serious. So what’s the solution for women who want to avoid the foolishness? If you truly want your dating life to improve, you are going to have to change up how you go about dating. One thing is certain, dating online doesn’t work as well for women. You have only a 5% chance at finding love online!  On the other hand, you have a 95% chance of finding foolishness!!!

Never respond to these men who show up in your inbox. If a man isn’t approaching you in public or in any place where he is not risking anything, he is probably not genuinely interested in you. Don’t waste your time. My book, Date Like A Woman, goes into great detail on how to know when a man is truly interested in you. Remember, “Pay attention to the men who pay attention to you,” with genuine attention.


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