1. Your Attitude – Women don’t like men with bad attitudes. Maybe you believe you’re the prize or women should submit to you. Maybe your beliefs system is counter to what women want now. The truth is, a man with a bad attitude, especially about women, is extremely unattractive.

2. You Lack Confidence – A man with low self esteem and low confidence is usually easy to pick out in a crowd. He’s the most likely to lash out, especially at women who are confident, to make himself feel better. True confidence comes from within. People who have accomplished their goals in life tend to be the most confident in themselves. 

3. You Are Financially Insecure – Blame patriarchy for this one. Men who are not able to at minimum take care of themselves financially are usually the least desired. If you are facing financial insecurity you need to figure out what you need to do to get yourself secure. Maybe that’s getting a better education or a better job, but what ever it is it’s up to you. 

4. You Are Physically Lacking – That could be anything from lack of good hygiene to medical issues to fitness. Women do not like men who are out of shape, sick, or dirty. Women are visual too and if you aren’t’ at your physical best in all ways women won’t want you.

5. You Are Angry – If you are constantly blaming women for you being single to the point you are angrily lashing out, you are literally repelling women from you. Anger is NOT attractive.


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