I received the following email after I posted this blog “The Truth About Namaste Moore”. Honestly every time another woman reaches out to me about these cults/scams I feel even more committed to sharing their stories. My hope is that by sharing their stories it will prevent other women from becoming victims.

I am sharing this anonymous woman’s email with her permission. Hopefully others who are involved with this cult will see the light too.



Thank you Kai for your courage on investigating and writing about femininity/wife school cults.

I am part of Namaste’s school or one of her programs and I must say yes, this is a cult. A lot of women are afraid of speaking up due to retaliation since Namaste and her husband keeps a small circle of 4-5 women. who go out and do the dirty work for them. Recruiting new women into their programs.

I want to stay anonymous since I paid for a yearly membership, which once the subscription ends I’ll be leaving this weird cult behind. I never thought I would find myself in an online cult. I haven’t bought into their other programs because early on I kept seeing the dynamics of this group and I was feeling like this whole online community was completely off. A lot of the women like myself join the Sanctum of Feminine Transformation to embody and learn about the Divine Feminine principle, learn about femininity and self-development work. In addition, many of us, including myself joined to learn about relationships, motherhood, marriage and how to heal any issues we have in these topics. Yet, the strangest thing happened was that something shifted in the school, where it went from teaching about femininity, marriage, etc., to now it has become Namaste stating she is the only teacher of Divine Truth. She mentions that any other feminine alchemy teacher who teaches these topics are in distortion and are not teaching us the truth. Which is why I believed this school has turned into a cult. I agree with what Kirsten has stated in her article, that many women in this school are experiencing cognitive dissonance, they are under some serious mind control tactics and don’t even know. I agree with Kirsten because that is what I’ve been experiencing since joining this school and I haven’t even been in this school for that long. I honestly don’t believe it was Namaste and her husband intention to do harm or manipulate their students yet something in them in my opinion has shifted. It’s just so strange to me how Namaste and her husband repeatedly announce how they are some sort of  “Messiah”. They speak of creating a “new sacred text” and that they are the “only ones” who speak the “Absolute Divine Truth”.

In my opinion, this is the most backward foolishness I ever heard and I can’t believe I fell into this trap. Namaste’s devoted followers believes her every word. I’ve seen women in this group who started off as their unique beautiful self and instead of transforming into more of their beautiful unique feminine essence, they seem to act and behave more like Namaste. Not every women of course but I’ve noticed how many have been transformed, in my opinion, into “Namaste’s Mini-me”. I thought this school was about learning how to self-actualize using spiritual tools, metaphysics while learning how to embody the Divine Feminine principle. Yet, it’s now about “This is how to live” vs. “everything else is a distortion”. Which is funny because Namaste and her husband talk about sovereignty yet they are constantly telling their students how THEY only have the answers.
I don’t find Namaste or husband dangerous because to me, it so blatantly obvious that they are deep into spiritual materialism, having a spiritualized ego and creating new spiritual classes/programs that “you need” (that’s how they sell it to their followers, that they need to invest in these classes in order to hear the truth and therefore become enlightened, self-actualized, etc.) I see Namaste and her husband as Divine Scammers. In my opinion and research, after watching the documentary “The Vow”, it is similar in how Namaste and her husband uses hierarchy, weird MLM, sort of pyramid schemes, indoctrination. When students question them, Namaste tends to tell her students that they are questioning them because they yet don’t understand or aren’t ready for this specific teaching, etc. I feel like there are just too many red flags, delusional teachings just like all cult leaders we have heard about. I’m really concern for the women who join this school and get indoctrinated by this falsehood.

I hope more women wake up and see how they don’t need to devote themselves to a delusional self-appointed spiritual guru in order to self-actualized or embody their femininity. I believe you can still learn from a spiritual teacher or feminine teacher about these topics without needing to worship or “empty” yourself of any previous work you’ve done.

Embody true sovereingty and always use your discernment, that is what I learned from this painful experience. I’ve had many sleepless nights thinking about this community because something kept pulling at me, that something is not right. You know when you have that gut feeling, instincts, your body and your intuition is speaking to you. I kept having this feeling while listening to her teachings in which I started to experience cognitive dissonance myself.

Yet, Namaste and her husband teach their students not to trust their intuition, they preach about being sovereign while at the same time controlling their students and manipulating them.
This whole experience taught me how to trust myself even more and that I can still learn about polarity, feminine and masculine relationships, femininity, metaphysics etc without being indoctrinated. There are many teachers out there who teaches about these topics without any of these weird cult-like behaviors. So NO, Namaste is NOT the only one.
I hope your articles get to reach out to many more women who are a part of this cult and wakes up!

Thank you for creating this platform, your articles and Kirsten speaking out has been eye opening. It helped me trust my inner voice and intuition even more.

Anyone who feels a little off and are in this school or any school like this, use your discernment, look into documentaries about cults.
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again Kai and Kirsten. ♥️

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