Not that it’s a shock but like most tech companies Twitter does not hire a lot of black people, something like 3%. So, we probably shouldn’t be shocked that when they posted this photo yesterday of their Twitter Detroit team, there wasn’t ONE black person in it.

How do you open an office in a city that is 80% black and not hire ONE black person??!! This has to be an intentional act. Statistically, if all is fair in their local hiring practices, there would HAVE to be at least one black person, more like half, on this team.

It’s almost as if Twitter is targeting Detroit for gentrification since right now the city is cheap to relocate to while they are apparently refusing to hire the people who live there. The unemployment rate in Detroit is 9%. I am sure that most of those unemployed are black but here is Twitter in a photo, in Detroit, with ZERO black people.

And, let’s be honest, Twitter would not be what it is without #BlackTwitter. Black users saved the platform when it was struggling. #BlackTwitter is the epicenter of Twitter culture. Twitter needs to acknowledge that.

Honestly, I am weary of these tech companies using black people for money and not hiring us. If black people ever decided to abandon these social media platforms every single one of them would go bankrupt. At some point I hope we all recognize our power in this world and start using it to make changes.

And Twitter, you should be ashamed to post that picture in Detroit of all places. Not ONE black person? Seriously? Smh… Do better.


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Photo: Twitter

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