Happy New Year!!

It’s my first Date Like A Woman Blog of 2020! Over the last 3 years I have been giving tips on how to have a better dating life, how to enjoy being single, and just how to be happier in general. This year though, as I write my next book about relationships, I will start to talk more about how to find the right companion, a life partner. For some of you that may mean marriage, for others not so much. But the focus for 2020 is finding the RIGHT partner for You.

What is my first tip of the year? Date MORE!!

I said it in my book to date multiple people, and I am saying it again. Many women have resisted the idea of dating multiple people. However, seriously, this is one of the biggest steps in finding compatibility. Date, date, date, and date some more.

In my book I state, “Dating is a numbers game for women too.”

You can’t find the most compatible person by selecting the very first person you date. You absolutely must see what’s out there. Yes, this can be exhausting if you make dating a chore. However, the key is that you should always make dating a fun and light activity. You aren’t “husband shopping” you are merely taking the time to get to know different people. By getting to know different people you will be able to find the person you “click” with the most. And, you can only do that when you take the time to meet lots of different people.

So this year get out there and meet men!!!

Go out on dates, all kinds of dates! Enjoy yourself! Remember, compatibility is the key to a great partnership so take the time to find someone who clicks with you.

Make 2020 your year!!


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