I recently received this note. In the spirit of warning others I decided to publish it.

“Kai, please keep my story anonymous, thank you!

After seeing so many posts about the Roots of Royals movement and reading some of Ro’s posts (along with her mentor Tamika), I thought that I would try to find out more about them. I did take some courses and was thinking about taking one of the travel trips. I was directed to donate more money and was advised to look into getting Grace Notes. Not sure of what those were, I looked on the site to see if I could get some more information.

After reviewing some things on the site, I don’t think this is legal. It sounds like a bank that is “supported” by a painting by one of her mentors Keisha. There are fees to maintain the account, plus the cash doesn’t seem to be good anywhere else except with Roots of Royals products.

I initially didn’t want to believe that the things said about her were that bad, especially when some of her posts make sense. But after seeing this, I don’t think this is something I can pursue. You reach a lot of women with your platform. Hopefully someone in the legal field can look at this because this just doesn’t look right. The website is https://rba.one/. You can link to it off of the main Roots of Royals page. I would say something myself, but I am nervous about doing so due to previous payments to them.”

Please stop giving Ro and her underlings money. She will not get you married or bring you happiness. She is a con artist who isn’t wealthy or happy. She is a crook.


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