Ever since Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion “WAP” video dropped I have seen multiple social media posts asking “how are they empowering women?” In fact, I got into a debate with a local Miami radio personality on Instagram who posted “WAP is not women’s empowerment.” He apparently didn’t like my response because he blocked me and deleted my comments on his post. Despite that though, the burning question of the day seems to be, are Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion empowering women? The answer is yes, they are. 

Cardi’s and Megan’s song is empowering to women because it’s about women’s power to choose what they want for themselves. The empowerment is choice. It is also empowering because they do not care about what other people think about their own choices. Cardi and Megan have removed other people’s power over their personal choices. That’s empowerment. 

Women have always been told how to behave, how to dress, how to speak, basically how to do everything. Our patriarchal/sexist culture to this day continuously has messaging about how women should behave. And if a woman decides to not to behave how they are expected to they are met with harsh judgment from others. This is how women have been kept in control for centuries. Any woman who steps outside of the expectations is quickly shamed back into obedience. This still happens to women, black women especially. Patriarchy and sexism have very strict rules for what is deemed acceptable behavior for women, break those rules and people will try to shame you. Cardi and Megan aren’t feeling ashamed, and that’s powerful.

Cardi and Megan have chosen to live boldly as they want to and not care about how they are judged. And let me tell you, it really bothers so many people to see women freely making choices for themselves. But that’s what empowerment does, it gives people the power and freedom to do whatever they want for themselves. Women are breaking free and that is killing patriarchy and sexism.

At some point I hope people will realize that women don’t owe the world obedience. Women can choose the lives that make them happy. Whether that is choosing to wear a revealing outfit or choosing to wear a conservative outfit, or choosing to be married or choosing to be single, or choosing to talk about WAP, or choosing to run for President. Women can choose how they want to live. And choosing one type of lifestyle doesn’t make you better than another. It makes you who you are, an individual with the ability to choose for yourself.


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