At this point there is no question that Facebook is a safe harbor for racism and sexism but if you wanted more proof here are just a few stories sent to me from black women who had their facebook accounts suspended.


“I have been suspended on FB several times: 
once for suggesting that white supremacy is the foundation of constitutional law
multiple times for posting the words “men,” and “trash” in the same sentence
once for posting that cis hetero white men between 18-40 are the most dangerous people on the planet (backed completely by science and research)”


“Wow, where do I begin?
1. Exposing white supremacist ideology and tactics on both platforms. 
2. Defending myself again anti-Black racism.
3.Expressing my disdain for Trump.
4. Expressing my disdain for white tears/victimization.
5. Defending other Black femmes/non-men when they’re being attacked for their posts. 
The list goes on and on.”


“I used the words racist Whyte people but spelled out white and was suspended for 3 days. My comment on a post about them walking around with guns and wearing and carrying confederate crap”


“Had my post with the caption “make racists afraid again” and a picture of a black man hanging a klansman over water was removed, so I reposted it. Then I was suspended. Before then I was suspended for defending black women (specifically Michelle Obama) in a group called U.S.M.C. (uncle Sam’s misguided children). I got kicked from the group, reported, and when I reopened the app I was told that I was suspended.”


“I’ve been suspended for a lot of things, but the one that I recall most vividly was when I was suspended for stating that school shootings were most often perpetrated by white men. Which is statistically accurate. But it was labeled “hate speech.” Even though I’ve seen MUCH WORSE posted about women and POC on FB and IG.”


“I was suspended for a racially biased comment against a man that tried to minimize and demean the experiences of an Asian American woman reporter in her interaction with Trump. He attempted to make it seem as if the behavior Trump did towards her wasn’t racially motivated. Others also called him out on his behavior. I have screenshots of the entire interaction, including the comments with other people.”


“I once said that Maya Angelou was a prostitute and was suspended for 30 days. What I said was a fact that she actually spoke on.”


“I have been suspended for the same things she stated…stating what men do to women and it being called hate speech. I could say these men are trash and I get immediately locked up for 30 days…my account is in jail now for this very reason“


“I wasn’t suspended but blocked from sharing posts about Breonna Taylor claiming it was suspicious activity. I couldn’t share posts for 7 days due to trying to bring awareness of the circumstances surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor. But to no end, i have seen countless memes and rheto4ic from men demeaning blk women, joking about assaulting and killing us for facebook to claim it didn’t violate community standards.  


Prior to that my comment was flagged as hate speech  for having the audacity to claim yte men were domestic terrorists.  But why do men get to say misogynistic and inflammatory comments about women and facebook doesn’t violate them ?”


“I was defending black women against a black man who was making vulgar degrading comments.   My comments had no profanity,  no vulgar language,  no racist language even though the black man I spoke to used all three.  My comments to him were smart and snarky but well within the Facebook guide lines.  When the black man I was speaking to felt like he couldn’t outsmart me, or get me to react emotionally to his vulgar language he resorted to threats to physically harm me.  I contacted Facebook to report his comments and my account was suspended.’


“I replied to a post about a BM being disloyal to his girl and trying to make her accept it , I said that the post is why I don’t like a lot of black men because a lot of them are disloyal and want to force you accept their ways, my account was suspended but post like that can exist all day everyday “



These are just a few of the stories my blog has received from black women who have been suspended from Facebook. I was also suspended for a ridiculous reason. It is now becoming abundantly clear to me that Facebook is purposefully silencing black women. We need to make sure facebook is held accountable for it’s discriminatory and egregious actions against black women. If you are a black woman (or if you are not a black woman but you feel that you have been discriminated against) and you have been suspended from Facebook/Instagram or if you have seen posts which are discriminatory against black women and wish to join in a class action suit against Facebook please fill out this form:



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