Since posting my first article on Ro Elori Cutno’s wife school cult, I have received some queries about why I am doing this. Some stated that it is sad that a black woman would take down another black woman in this way. Others have asked why do this to someone who just has a different philosophy when it comes to relationships.

To address these concerns:

My very first article regarding Ro’s wife school, posted on August 8, 2018, and entitled “Certified Wife School??” clearly shows that there was no malicious attempt to take down another black woman who has a different perspective from my own. In fact, I challenged Ro in a Facebook group to debate me on a neutral platform because I believe that different philosophies can coexist even when they are of completely opposite points of view. I felt, and still believe, that Ro’s perspective on black women and marriage needed to be heard in the same forum as my own perspective on dating and relationships. My offer to debate her was so that others could have the benefit of being able to hear both of our philosophies at the same time. However, Ro blocked me when I challenged her. It seems apparent now that she didn’t want to risk being exposed.

My exposure of Ro was not done for any malicious or financial benefit. I own this website and run it without any ads because I choose not to have anything on my site that I do not personally endorse. Posting this information about Ro’s wife school cult has not financially benefited me in any way.

Ro and I are not equals. I am formally educated. I have dedicated years of effort and worked hard to earn the degrees that have been awarded me. So far, I have been unable to find where Ro has any degrees or diplomas certifying her to teach anyone. In fact, Ro “teaches” women that they have no value beyond being married and that formal education is not important for women. I believe this is dangerous. In fact, I believe that many of her “teachings” come right out of the white supremacy “handbook.”

All women are valuable as they are. A husband and children do not validate a woman’s existence. I also truly believe that EDUCATION, formal or otherwise, is imperative especially for women.

Ro peddles a fake school, courses, and trips that can cost thousands of dollars. She continually leaches off of her victims for months to years, preying upon the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. Many have contacted me regarding her methods. For those who disagree with her, or even ask questions, after paying their hard earned money, she is known to unceremoniously cast out and then, along with her minions, publicly humiliate those who dare challenge her in even the most humble way.

I am an author. My book sells for $19.99, of which I get a percentage. When reading my book, and hopefully enjoying it, (trust me, I’m funny!), you learn some new things about dating and relationships. That’s it. There are no additional products to sell you and no programs to continue leaching your money.

It is important that you understand that my website is merely a platform that is allowing Ro’s victims to get their story to the masses. Her victims are the ones who are taking her down, not me. They are organized and working to shut down her operation. These victims are intent on bringing Ro to justice. They all once believed in Ro. They are from the inside of her own organization. It is their information that I am sharing with you, not mine. It is important to help them reach more people. Even now they are continuing to work from the inside to take her completely out of business.

You see Ro’s victims are black women. Far too often when black women are being harmed no one pays attention. Black women are particularly easy to prey upon because they’ve been told over and over by our society that they are not valuable, that they are not enough as they are. Black women are particularly vulnerable to the assertion that the only thing that makes them whole is a husband. They are blamed for the alleged “downfall of the black family” and pressured to put up with disrespect and abuse from a man because “being single is far worse.” This makes black women particularly vulnerable to these types of scams. This is why it is important for me to take the time to share these women’s experiences.

I will continue to post information as well victim interviews from Ro’s wife school cult until she is brought to justice. This is important to me as a black woman.

Part IV coming soon.


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