There are times when I just cannot believe this woman is still out there scamming (or trying to scam) folks but as soon as Ro attempts to find a new way to recruit victims someone sends me the information. Anyway, here’s the newest message on the #WifeSchoolCult:

Hi. I started following your blog when you were doing posts about Ro Cutno and her cult. I discovered something about her today and I thought you would be interested in knowing what she’s been up to. I am in a cooking group called Sistaz in the Kitchen and it seems as if the admins of the group are down with her and she is going to be using the group as a marketing and recruiting tool. She is offering a free cooking class to reel in new members. This group has over 212,000 members. Today they started purging feminists and anyone who is capable of critical thinking from the group. Here is a link to my Facebook post with the screenshots:

It’s important to note that Ro is using one of her minions, Keisha Anderson, (who also happens to be an administrator of the “Sistaz in The Kitchen” group), to recruit women for their scam.

You would think Ro would hang it up by now but as long as she’s still scamming we will keep writing about her until she is truly caught.

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