Ro Elori Cutno’s Wife School Cult has been struggling to be relevant the past few years so back in August when one of her students, Joy Dillon, posted her wedding photo Ro was quick to share it herself. The photo like many of the cult’s photos didn’t look like much of a wedding picture, nonetheless it was shared as a “win” for the wife school since Joy was now “Mrs. Vance.” You can check out the photo below:

Here is a screen shot of Ro sharing the photo:

Now if you are thinking this photo looks very “jailhouse-ish” that’s because it is. Joy Dillon married Miguale Vance an Ohio felon.

Now I am not exactly sure how or why Joy would believe a felon would be a “healthy protective” man but clearly marrying felons at the wife school is encouraged because according to wife school cult teachings, being married is better than being single, even if the man is in jail.

However Joy’s marriage didn’t last very long because she filed for divorce on October 20th less than 2 months after they were married.

Of course both Joy’s and Ro’s pages have been scrubbed of the existence of this “marriage” but luckily there are people still keeping an eye on the cult and keeping screenshots of the madness so other women don’t get duped.

Again ladies, you don’t need a husband to be a whole person. Being whole starts and ends with you. “Being single is not a disease or debilitation. Being single is just fine.” – Date Like A Woman. And being single is ALWAYS better than marrying someone you hardly know JUST so you can say you are married.


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