In continuation of our series about Ro’s wife school I have decided to post another interview with one of her victims. This interview is from a man who chose to remain anonymous.


How did you find out about Ro’s Wife School?


I’m a guy, who wanted to give a male perspective. Please don’t feel the need to post as I know you’d prefer to share women’s stories, but again just wanted to share what I witnessed. Hoping this can add to the author’s overview of things.

I saw a video online years ago of a woman in an airport using her camera phone to record “travelers”… women. The camera person who I later identified as Ro was questioning how long it would take to visually see a women in a skirt/dress. She was posing the argument that women were no longer embracing their femininity. From there I believe I “Liked” the video and somehow was following her and from there I learned that she had something called Wife School.


What prompted you to join?


“After following for a week or so I saw her posts on my timeline here and there and found out she had a book which I purchased. I enjoyed the book and while on a group trip with friends to Paris I reached out to her to have coffee with the hopes of introducing her to two female friends, who were on the trip. She agreed but later cancelled which I later understood her possible reasoning. Sometime later I saw on a FB post that because she was traveling to the States she was going to have what she dubbed a “Family Meeting” for all of her followers, who had the means to attend. I attended/joined with the sole purpose of just meeting other like-minded men and women of color. Although I ended up meeting someone on my own (they tend to match-make) it was never my intentions. After contacting this young lady outside of Family Meeting I suggested that we begin a courtship outside of the RoR’s group. She agreed but insisted that I take Husband Summit, the male equivalent of Wife School, which I did. She also decided to mention our courtship to members of her Wife School group which bit her in the butt very quickly. I knew something wasn’t right with this Ro led group and tried my best to warn her.

(Prior to my parents separation my mother was a stay at home mom and some of my fondest memories were of her homeschooling us or her being home when we arrived from school. I’ve always desired this type of setting when and if I were to get married and have children. This is a main reason why I followed this movement. Most of the men that I met at Family Meeting shared these or similar thoughts. Generational success has always been my desire and there are clear-cut ways of achieving that which this movement and I agreed upon. Somehow soooo many things (Ro) got in the way and distracted everyone. I joined because these were like-minded people. Women who loved who they were… no weaves and perms. Men who desired to protect all of our women and commit and provide for our wives and children. This group was the only group that I’d ever come across that was promoting the blk household. I see now from the video with Candace and the author’s writings and book, that there are a lot more materials out there that promote generational greatness)”


How much money did you spend to join Ro’s Wife School?


Husband Summit was $300.00.


How long were you enrolled in Ro’s Wife School?


Lol… enrolled as in how long it took me to watch those poor quality Husband Summit videos?? A couple hours I guess.


How much money have you spent in total?

• Man Leads Book
• Airfare to NOLA
• Lodging in NOLA
• Rental car in NOLA
• Husband Summit
• Etc

(meeting the people that I met and fellowshipping with them was priceless. I think a lot of people from NOLA are married now!!! It’s awesome because I kinda knew them individually when they were single).


Were you asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?


I don’t recall, but I doubt it.


Did you gain anything from the experience?


I met some WONDERFUL people in NOLA and some very beautiful women. I met a woman who I intended to make my wife.


While enrolled were you allowed to ask questions about Ro’s Wife School?


Joseph, one of the “male staff”(?) was very attentive to me after meeting me in NOLA.. He would reach out frequently to see if I had questions or needed any support after I completed Husband Summit.
Laurant offered support as well. I spent time alone with him as he shared a lot of his story with me. Great guy!


Were you enrolled in classes in person or online?




Is Ro the only teacher at her Wife School?


Laurant is as well per the YouTube videos and Husband Summit.


If you are no longer enrolled, why did you leave?


I attended the Family Meeting w/o paying the ridiculously priced registration fee after agreeing to assist in various capacities “during” Family Meeting, primarily transporting as most people didn’t secure rental cars (for some reason).
I knew I was going to leave the group after transporting Ro those few days and witnessing how she spoke about attendees once the car door closed. “That” person was not the same person who wrote that book and taught women to have and show grace, love and femininity.
I also left because they were heavily pushing that Wealth Group which I had questions & concerns about.


Why do you want to speak about Ro’s school now?


A friend who I recommended the book to yrs ago found your articles back in Aug. and shared the links with me. Sadly, I’m just now getting around to clicking on the links. After reading all of these articles and seeing the option at the end to “share your story”, I figured a male voice wouldn’t hurt. Right?


Do you believe Ro’s Wife School is a cult?


That woman is so smart but she is narcissistic!!!
I think she had a good thing and is potentially ruining it.
I’d never heard of Candace but after watching your video interview with her I have to I agree that this movement would have been a beautiful thing but….


Have you reported Ro’s Wife School to any government agency? If so, which one(s) and why?


I think my ex may have.
She would speak to me about the RoR website and it’s content not being available for her although she’d paid for it. She’d reference contacting people for refunds of money spent, etc.


Is there anything else you would like us to know about Ro’s Wife School?


You know I’ve shared Ro with a lot of my friends and family because of our need for change in our homes but one of the things I’ve always been consistent with is my advice to “get the book but skip the school… both wife and husband schools.” Get the book and watch the free videos on YouTube. Some of the best videos were the interviews that she would do where she’d answer questions. Some guy in ATL named Kyree(?) had her on a few times.
Those who she did dirty, please fight to get justice but all you others keep those hundreds and thousands of dollars in your pocket.
I had no idea this was such a huge and possibly fraudulent thing until I started hearing about the whole Elle(?) thing and her (Elle?) threatening to leak materials.

(Please do not share my info but I’m more than willing to answer any followup questions… or not).


If you have also been a victim of Ro’s wife school please share your story. 


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