In continuation of our series about Ro’s wife school I have decided to post another interview with one of her victims. This interview is from a woman who chose to remain anonymous.


How did you find out about Ro’s Wife School?

I found Ro while scrolling YouTube 2014.


What prompted you to join?

Single motherhood had me feeling a bit hard and I wanted to learn how to get back to my feminine self and also it wouldn’t hurt to have such a mentor.


How much money did you spend to join Ro’s Wife School?

I spent approximately 500, which I was told was for wife school AND to become a mentor. After wife school they said I had to pay more to be trained to be a mentor. At that point I decided that it was a scam so I would stick around but not engage in any paid activities or additional programs.


How long were you enrolled in Ro’s Wife School?

I was enrolled in a 3 day retreat. And it was a per person room payment thing but I slept on the floor and many women were upset that we’d have to all share one room. One woman who drove from Georgia walked right out and drove right back!


How much money have you spent in total?

Approximately $500.


Were you asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

No. I left before that insanity. No wait, I was kicked out.


Did you gain anything from the experience?

Absolutely. I met Candace, and other women who were genuinely good people. I learned about female narcissism, I learned how easy it is for smart, well-meaning people to fall into the trappings of a cult; how money can completely corrupt the best of people and the same with a desire to marry, and that group think is dangerous.


While enrolled were you allowed to ask questions about Ro’s Wife School?

Yes, but within the confines of pretending Ro was our husband. So in a submissive/respectful way…. whatever that looked like for Ro on any given day.

I mostly observed.


Were you enrolled in classes in person or online?

In person.


Is Ro the only teacher at her Wife School?

Ro, Candace, and April.


If you are no longer enrolled, why did you leave?

Ro always wanted to marry me off and we exchanged words where she basically said I was gonna end up a cat lady if I didn’t go with her speed. So I left. Cut her off.

In 2016, I rejoined and she paired me with a man (I am not a certified wife) and I agreed to get to know him, meanwhile she had a venue and all chosen and ready for me in two months. The man was not “healthy” and she couldn’t understand that she was not the one making this grand decision. That ultimately I had to agree to marry. It boiled down to the same thing but this this [sic] claimed that I put her in the hospital with anxiety and stress, bawling on FaceTime how selfish and wicked I am and pure drama… because she couldn’t get an emotion out of me.

She then ostracized me but before doing that she took very private things I confided and added her own lies and “outed me” in the private group. She made me look really bad and the women in the group were just horrible with the verbal hazing . The few who stood up for me were shamed for being single and threatened with joining me being kicked out. Like, “Are you married? No? Then shut and don’t get involved.”

I had no problem with getting the attention of her selection of substandard men. I think the verbal hazing was a lot of jealousy and kattiness and payback for turning down what they all were ready to chop off their pinky for. Then she had her husband (really her) write me a lengthy email about the disrespect and damage I’ve done to his wife and her movement. And that neither I nor anyone in my family, EVER, will receive their services, affiliation, assistance, or anything from ROR… even if I paid. I think I’m even blocked on her app.


Why do you want to speak about Ro’s school now?

I always knew Ro would mess with the wrong woman. And I knew that woman would not have a problem getting support because Ro has always been fucking over people and dealing with people any which way because she has somehow brought herself to only respect destruction and pain. She has been getting away with treating people in a wickedly narcissistic way and cry blue murder to garner support behind the damage she left in her wake.

I’m usually empathetic but in this case, she has no regard for anyone except for her benefit, so I don’t feel bad for her. I’m glad you are standing up to Ro and ROR.

Some of these women coming forward and participating on the HTWC page were the same ones jumping on me for Ro. I’m glad they now know better.


Do you believe Ro’s Wife School is a cult?

Yes. It’s a great idea taken WAYYY too far, to the point of avarice greed.

When she posted her shit with guess what or surprise or a secret she’s letting us in on… about having husbands get certified and quit their job to solicit mentees and have them pay per month and wives to do the same… or selling books, perfume and fucking fairy dust… myself said to myself, “Ro might as well have us out in traffic and gas station peddling!” Like with a dam unicorn fascinator and pearls and kitten heels type shit.

See the ride or die with us to prove your loyalty shit? Nah, FUCK DAT!


Have you reported Ro’s Wife School to any government agency? If so, which one(s) and why?

No, because my money was spent in 2014 and sometimes we have to pay heftily for our lessons…. Not no dam 30k tho.


Is there anything else you would like us to know about Ro’s Wife School?

It is not a healthy, nurturing, feminine organization. It is not a safe space for mentally vulnerable women. It is not a non-profit.


If you have also been a victim of Ro’s wife school please share your story. 


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