A couple of years ago on Facebook I noticed one woman, and recently another, claiming that they could teach women to be “wives.” I must confess that it made me curious. (I wasn’t aware that women needed to be taught how to be wives). What I found, to my utter amazement, was that there is apparently a whole market for this service. One of the women, Rokisha “Ro” Elori Cutno, even has an online course taught through her “Roots of Royals” school. By taking the course, and for a fee of $30,000, the curriculum allegedly prepares one to become a “certified wife.” Yes, you read that correctly.

When I first ran across Ro a couple of years ago, her school was called the “Institute of Feminine Grace.” Her course back then cost a paltry $299, especially compared to the hefty $30,000 cost today. To satisfy my curiosity about how one could “certify” one to being a wife, I asked numerous questions, including what curriculum she used and through what governing body her certifications were approved. I was quickly blocked from her page. The other woman does not have an online course but claims to teach “young women how to get married.” The most bizarre thing about this woman is that she is in fact, not married. (Word on the street is that Ro is not married either, not legally, but since that is just a rumor I will just go with she is “married.”)

But, let’s get back to Ro and her “certified wife” school. The reason I really want to focus on her is because more than anything she appears to be a con artist. Her “Pick Me” philosophy of women being in submission to men is really used to trick the most desperate and vulnerable out of their money. She peddles sexist and patriarchal nonsense as the way to become a “certified wife.” For example, she says that women should not work. That women should cook and clean and that men and boys should not do house work. She even attacks women for wearing head wraps to bed. Oh, and I almost forgot, she claims that men who have “certified wives” don’t cheat. Yes, according to Ro, the way to stop a man from cheating is to become a “certified wife.”

I honestly can’t help but feel slightly sorry for Ro (only slightly because this woman is conning people). Her insecurities drip through all of her posts and videos. I am not sure what kind of mental anguish she is in but it is clear that there is some present.

Now being someone who is never afraid to debate those with opposing views I did challenge Ro to debate on a neutral platform where she could not just block me. (This challenge happened on one of her newer profiles).  At first she accepted my challenge but then she quickly backed down stating that debating is for men and she was a “teacher” and “teachers don’t debate.”

Here’s the thing. If Ro was selling a product that was truly useful she would not be afraid of opposing views or of debate. If her “wife school” actually worked she would have no need to change Facebook pages and websites so frequently. She would be able to stand up to scrutiny and speak about her school with pride. However, this is not the case. She has had multiple websites, multiple Facebook pages, and she is very handy with the “block” button whenever someone disagrees with her or threatens to expose her.

To those of you who really want to get married I would suggest you skip this school. There is a strong possibility that the only thing you will get out her “certified wife school” is empty pockets and no husband. In reality no one can teach you how to be a wife. Marriage is very personal and every marriage is different. What works for one couple may not work for all. PLEASE save your money!

And, if any of you know Ro, tell her my offer to debate still stands or if you would like to share your experience with her school click here.


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