As some of you may know I am a graduate of Howard University School of Law. More than that I am a part of the University’s legacy, a third generation Howard University graduate. Both my grandfather and my father graduated from Howard University College of Medicine. Howard University holds a very special place in my heart and in the history of my family. In addition, I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. So as you can imagine when I saw the story about newly arrived white D.C. residents walking their dogs on my alma mater’s historic Yard, I was highly offended and agitated.

I have watched as black neighborhoods all over the country, in spaces which hold historical significance for black people, invaded and forced to change to accommodate white people who do not acknowledge, understand, or respect black culture. And, quite frankly I am tired of it, as I am sure we all are. Which is why I am especially happy that President Wayne A. I. Frederick has banned all non service animals from the campus. Yes, gentrifiers, you will not walk your dogs on OUR campus. I say OUR because Howard University is OURS. And, it will always be OURS. Our history, our legacy, OUR SPACE.

Black people have always been welcoming to everyone. It is ingrained in our culture. If you are invited into OUR spaces make sure you understand where you are and behave accordingly. Howard’s Yard is a sacred space. While it is beautiful it is NOT a park, much less a dog park. It is a private university which allows the public onto the campus. It also holds a rich history. So, if you plan to visit, learn what being on that sacred ground means and respect it.

While Washington, D.C. may no longer be “Chocolate City” Howard University will always be “The Mecca.” So make sure you act right…

HUSL ‘05

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