#TeacherBae, Patrice Brown, is a 2nd grade teacher whose photos went viral in 2016 simply because she is attractive.  Recently, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram. That’s when things get a little crazy. In an effort to try and publicly shame #TeacherBae for being pregnant, self-proclaimed “femininity” teacher, Nicole Michelle (think wife school scam 2.0) took it upon herself to go live yesterday labeling Patrice a “single mother” only to find herself becoming the butt of several jokes. I can’t say she didn’t ask for it. I’m not sure why Nicole continues to profess herself an “expert” at teaching young women how to get married all while being divorced and single.

From the comments it appears that #TeacherBae is engaged to be married. However, that didn’t stop Michelle from trying to profess her “knowledge” of this young woman’s life. I guess as long as Nicole has a band of undesirable men following her to hype up her sexist and misogynistic views she thinks she can say anything about anyone. But, yesterday was not her day. Check out a few of the comments posted on her page. Hopefully, she will think twice about doing that again:


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