It is understandable that fraudulently teaching women how to get married while being single oneself might not work forever. Nicole Michelle, who was exposed last year for being a fraud, has recently claimed that she is engaged. However, despite claiming to be engaged, she has yet to be seen with her alleged fiancé; there are no engagement photos or engagement rings being posted to any of her many accounts since she claimed to be engaged last month.

This engagement feels like another Angela Holcomb situation. Angela Holcomb was another “teacher” with a large following who claimed she could teach women how to get married. Many of you may recall how she faked a whole marriage, including photoshopping herself into pictures with a man she went on one date with, in order to keep up the appearance of being married. Since being exposed Angela has disappeared completely from the Internet.

For more than two years Nicole has been unable to prove that her so called teachings work. Perhaps that is why suddenly she is mysteriously engaged. While there is a strong possibility that Nicole is not engaged, there is also the possibility that the man she is allegedly engaged to isn’t the “masculine,” “wealthy,” man she has claimed to be able to teach women how to marry. Over the years her teachings have purportedly shown women how to “marry up” and not marry “dusties.”

Nicole recently changed her messaging from hypergamy, marrying up, to simply giving a guy who might work at the post office a chance. Just look at the difference in these posts made just months apart:

Perhaps her fiancé works at the post office and that’s why her message has changed. I guess we will just have to wait and see if this is actually real.

“This is big business, selling single women on the idea that they can be taught how to get a husband. I have said it numerous times, and repeat it here. There is no class, course, or person that can teach you how to get a husband, no matter how much you are willing to pay.

Those of you who are looking for marriage, please understand that no one can sell you anything to enhance your chances of getting married. There are no lessons or secrets to finding a husband. Changing what you wear or how you sit won’t get you a husband. Learning how to drink tea won’t get you a husband.

Please stop falling for these scams. There is no right way to marriage. There is also nothing wrong with being single. Stop selling yourself short because someone tells you it’s not ok to love you for you.”


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