I just received this message. Unfortunately I receive messages about these femininity scammers more frequently that I would like to admit. I decided to publish this one in hopes that it will prevent someone else from losing money.

Hello Kai,

I would like to remain anonymous but want to bring attention to a YouTuber selling content and then blocking the buyers from using it. This is in reference to InnerBeautyTV’s owner Nicole who sadly isn’t new here. Anyways, I stumbled on her channel 11/2019 and gave in and purchased her femininity and marriage course which was lackluster. It is filled with poor audio, grammatical errors, links to OTHER channels, and her saying “umm” every other word which sounds as if she’s unsure of her own message.

The courses come with “access” to Facebook groups which I won’t lie have better content than the course. They contain mini videos of her giving advice that is useful. I’m a full time worker and college student so I’m not active much on social media. I laughed at a comment on one of her posts, and I guess it made her feel some type of way so she blocked me . I emailed her “team” once saying that I could no longer view the videos on Facebook and didn’t know why, hoping that she’d simply unblock me or at least explain . I got no response.

Since I was being charged every month for the membership but couldn’t see any of the content, I sent another email saying that if no one would offer an explanation I would like to cancel the membership. Someone answered immediately with no explanation, just stating that they don’t handle cancellations via email. I gladly cancelled my account ASAP, and a few days later noticed the courses I paid $300 in full that were advertised with the buyer having the ability to finish at their own leisure were GONE. I emailed again, confused and was told that although you are told you can finish them at your own leisure once you leave the groups you no longer have access to them, and forget about a refund. Please make others aware of this woman charging people for monthly fees for groups she blocks them from.



Ladies, please stop falling for these scams! Nicole Michelle is NOT married. She claims to be engaged but no one has seen her alleged fiancé. She is a scam artist who can’t even make her scams work for herself.
Again, no one can teach you how to be “feminine” or how to get married. It’s all a scam to take your money. If you have also lost money to Nicole Michelle and would like to share your story please contact me:

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