I would like to preface this blog by stating that I came to the decision to write about this particular woman after a lot of labored thought. Watching her over the years has been difficult given that she needs real help for whatever emotional/mental issues she seems to be suffering. It’s pretty clear that something troubling happened to her to cause her to make such a deep leap into the wife school cult. However since Ro has recently re-upped her efforts to gain more victims I decided it was necessary for people to see what happens to women who join her cult.

Meet Tamika, a former business owner and single mom. By profession she is a barber (and an exceptional one) who owned a barbershop called the Hoffler Agency. Based on her old instagram photos it looked like she had a sizable clientele and was doing pretty well. Honestly she looked like she had a great life which saddens me even more because often single women who do well for themselves are told over and over that their accomplishments mean nothing without being married. It is this very lie which makes cults like the wife school able to suck in victims. If you keep telling women they are nothing without a man, sadly some are going to believe you.

All of her pictures from before the wife school cult show an attractive and seemingly happy woman. There are pictures of her clients and pictures of her at events. She had cute outfits, hairstyles, and manicures. And then somewhere around December 2018 she starts posting screenshots of Ro’s Man Leads book. From that point there is a turn in her postings.

Suddenly she becomes obsessed with a man “leading” her and “work” only being for men. Sometime in March of last year she closed her barbershop and seems to have fully dedicated herself to wife school.

But here is the problem though, in the whole two years Tamika has been in wife school she’s not gotten married. She also has had no prospects. And from the outside looking in, she is the most dedicated student of all of the wife school students. Whatever Ro says she follows without question. Yet, in two years she has no husband, no prospects, no return for her dedication to Ro. She’s gained nothing and appears to have lost the success she once had as a single woman.

Ladies please don’t believe the lie that your life means nothing if you aren’t married. Being fulfilled and happy has everything to do with you doing what is best for you. If a relationship happens to come along, great, but if it doesn’t, that’s great too. As I say in my book Date Like A Woman “I know society teaches us that something is wrong with a woman if she is single. That is simply not true. Being single is not a disease or debilitation. Being single is just fine.”

And Tamika, if you happen to read this, I do hope you see the light and gets out of the wife school. You have so much more potential than to aspire to only be a “wife” to some loser. You are talented and deserve more.


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