My decision to do this blog was quite labored. The thing that prompted me to research Seales was the fact that she so casually and passive-aggressively called me “corny” in her Instagram stories after she saw my previous blogs about her. Don’t get me wrong, I did not expect her to respond positively to my blogs. My critiques were harsh so I can totally understand her having ill feelings towards me. That is expected. However, name calling when we are both adults is unnecessary.

To many this blog may seem retaliatory instead of being informative. While it’s not really my style to be retaliatory I will acknowledge that it is a bit of both. Normally I would not have written anything else about her but since she called me “corny,” something a bully would do, I decided that I should speak up. I will assume she thought she could treat me like the other people she has called names and that I would simply get upset and maybe call her a name back. Then she could snicker from the shadows at having gotten under my skin. But, she didn’t get under my skin. She simply made me more curious about who she is as a person. Turns out she is a bully; she’s done this many times before. What Seales didn’t know is that I really do not like bullies (anyone who has grown up with me knows I will fight a bully…) so I decided to do some research and post what I found on her instead.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I found wasn’t surprising given my very limited interaction with her. When you take the time to research someone and the majority of what comes up is negative I believe that it is in the public interest to put out a warning about that person. At least that was a good enough reason for Seales to “caution” women about Rolle. That reason is good enough for me.

Here is my “caution” about Amanda Seales. The 7 reasons she could be lying about Myron Rolle:


1. Last year she publicly trashed a man who rejected her romantically.


In Myron Rolles’ public statement denouncing Seales’ accusations he stated, “I will not sit idly by and allow someone to engage in intentional character assassination simply because I did not return their advances or wish to engage in a relationship as they may have wanted.” Well, it seems as though this is not the first time Seales has tried to ruin the reputation of a man she wanted to date. Apparently she went on two dates with Tajai Massey. Massey is one of the members of the rap group Souls of Mischief. Seales was so upset at his rejection of her that she went on a public tirade against him even going so far as to trash him in her comedy act. You can read all about it here (comment 58). You can also watch her trash him in this interview here. 


2. She calls people names when they don’t agree with her.


My view of the world is if I am telling the truth and someone disagrees with me, I either show them evidence proving my claims or I don’t say anything at all. Seales does not. Whenever someone disagrees with her, she calls them names. Just check this screenshot below.



3. Seales is extremely nasty to her own fan base.


In my experience truthful people in general are nice, although at times people may find them to be blunt. Famous people especially, who make their living from entertaining people, work really hard to be kind to their fans. However, Seales is nasty to people who show her love. During my research I came across this young woman’s story who attended one of Seales’ shows in Washington, D.C. Check out her story here.


4. She has a terrible reputation with people she used to work with.


There are multiple stories about her online where people who have worked with Seales say she has treated them badly. Even singer Marsha Ambrosius wanted to physically fight Seales while she was on the Floetry Tour. Check here at the 37:45 mark.


5. She shows all the classic signs of being a narcissist.


She only allows comments of praise on her platforms. She gaslights others. She refuses to be accountable for her actions. She also bullies people. She constantly rages in her stories, complaining about everything. And, if you know anything about narcissists, you will know they are habitual liars. Narcissists lie to keep up their image. It would appear that Seales is using this Rolles story to appear to be a champion for women during the #MeToo movement, when it’s clear that she is not, since she is friends with several problematic men in the entertainment industry and she has failed to put out any warnings about them.


6. Her career is unstable.


Seales causes controversy to keep herself in headlines. She’s been in the entertainment business for over 20 years yet she has not had any major success. However, she has been in multiple controversies from this Myron Rolle situation, to shaming black people who don’t have passports, to blaming black men for Trump. Her ability to constantly create controversial headlines is so effortless one could draw the conclusion that it is intentional. And, we all know that “all press is good press” when it comes to being in the limelight.


7. She has failed to provide any proof that Rolle has done any wrongdoing.


The last and biggest reason Seales could be lying about Rolle is that she has yet to provide any proof of her claims. There are no screenshots. No other women have come forward. There is nothing out there supporting anything she said about him, period.


Some will critique me by saying that writing a blog with gossip as my resource is wrong. However, I would like to point out that is exactly what Seales did when she put the accusations against Myron Rolle into the world. At least my article provides several sources so that you can make a decision for yourself.

And Amanda, since I know you read my blogs now, if you have a problem with me or anything I have written about you I welcome you to contact me directly. Here’s my email:


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