Since posting asking for information about Namaste Moore I have received many messages. Some of the messages have been in support of her and her husband and others have been from concerned relatives who have lost contact with women who joined their “programs”. Honestly after reading everything, in my opinion this still feels very cult like to me but I will let you read some of the responses for yourself so you can make your own decision.


My daughter currently follows Namaste. I am not happy about this. Some of it is harmless, like coaching people how to choose clothing according to their body type, but other things resemble doing therapy without a license. It seems like brainwashing to me and my daughter has completely gone over. My child is a brilliant college educated woman who is now mouthing the teachings of her guru. She is now anti feminist, anti education, and also anti getting a job as this is the husband’s role. I do read what my daughter posts and it sounds frightening to me. I am dismayed to say the least as my generation and the ones before me fought for the very rights that my daughter is now badmouthing. I do not have any other information. I do know my daughter has paid money for multiple courses from this woman.”


One of my step-daughters is a member of many of Namaste Moore’s groups. She describes  Namaste and Richard as her “mentors,” and has completely changed. We seldom hear from her, and she doesn’t speak to one of her sisters at all, and barely speaks to her other sister.  Her speech patterns have changed, and she has taken on some very strange  ideas. She refers to Namaste and Richard as her parents, and she and other group members speak to them as though they are deities.
I have unfollowed her on Facebook, as her posts are offensive to me, although I have listened to a lot of her Facebook “talks,” and have tried to listen to Namaste, but I find it all so arcane and disagreeable.
I don’t know if Namaste is a cult leader, but I see has as wanting to take women back to the 1950’s.  I have no problem with how any woman chooses to live her life, as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone else – nothing wrong with being a homemaker, but also nothing wrong with working and being a strong and powerful woman.
I am wondering, have you been in contact with any women who have stopped being followers?  I fear for the future of women and girls, and men, if women like Namaste continue to convince people they should be shoved into a pigeon hole, and that there is only one way of being in the world for both sexes.”


“I have gladly paid to learn from this incredible woman and her king. Her body of work that she has created is more in-depth than anything I have ever seen. It is a living work. There is enough content to spend the next 3+ years on one sphere of her programs. If you had a body of work like that which helped people around the world, wouldn’t you think it’d be worth paying for?
Sri Namaste and Baba Richard have been teaching this work for decades. Some of their oldest students have been with them for 10-15 years. Together, they have over 50 years of experience in business, relationships, healing modalities and ministry. They have been certified in many things, from reiki to ordainment as ministers. Their various businesses have made millions, and frankly, why wouldn’t I want to learn from them? Who wouldn’t? Often times, people who don’t have successful businesses and hold resentment toward those that do tend to doubt and seek to tear down what others have built with their own blood, sweat and tears.”


“I have continued investing in programs that she offers because of the immense value they add to my life.  I also deeply value spiritual and metaphysical teachings, so that is something I really resonated with in her.  I feel in my heart that she and Baba Richard are my spiritual parents and call them Mama and Baba to show my love and respect for them.  They do not require everyone to refer to them that way, only that they choose an honorific of respect that feels good to them.  Some people call them Mr. and Mrs. Moore.  Having a spiritual connection to someone is something that may not be understood if you’ve never had that experience, but it is incredibly beautiful to me!”


“I saw your question about Namaste Moore and wanted to say, yes. I absolutely spent money on her program!!! It delivered more than I expected and helped me achieve the results I wanted in my life. In fact, as you shared, she is very up front about what her work offers and the types of Truth it is based in. Those not interested in spirituality based in metaphysics can clearly see it is not a fit for them. So I can’t see any way this can be considered a scam.
She has never asked or insisted on being called Mama to me or anyone else but has offered it to those asking for spiritual parentage. In fact, all she has asked for is the respect accorded to her status as teacher, so a simple yet effective Mrs Moore will do.”


I have a friend who has been in this cult for about a year and a half. She maxed out her credit card to pay the $3500 for a lifetime subscription to classes. Since her involvement, there have been many concerning changes in her behavior. But, I have been friends with her for 20 years and Namaste and Richard’s teachings are so dangerous to people that are in bad relationships. It teaches the women to be submissive and to worship their husbands, to take responsibility for all of their husband’s issues, etc.
The list is so so long. I think she wanted me to go on this journey with her. My friend is losing multiple lifelong friends to join her new “tribe.” She is shaming women who leave abuse and saying things like it was the woman’s fault that the abuse was happening because they weren’t “serving” their husband properly. Women’s dreams can only be realized with the permission of their husbands and it is more important to support the husband’s dreams and let go of their own. This is because they believe that when women have goals, it is competing with their husband.
They don’t believe in labeling, but this is a catch 22. The first time I noticed it was when a woman was talking about her child being diagnosed with autism. She was shamed for labeling her kid because they are teaching that getting a label is actually manifesting things like autism. I have twins with severe autism. Without a label, I would not be able to get the community support for my children that they require to live to their fullest potential. This type of teaching is so harmful to children with special needs and the caregivers.
But, they teach that feminism destroys the divine feminine and now my friend hates feminists. She was one.
Don’t even get me started on codependency or any labels like that. They don’t believe that narcissists exist. Basically, they shame anything to do with psychology, limiting their students to their teachings and controlling what they are allowed to learn about.”


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