Since the exposure of Ro Elori Cutno of the Wife School Scam, I have been inundated with messages about similar scam artists. There are way more scammers than you could ever imagine. However, more people have contacted me about Nicole Michelle than all of the others.

I actually ran across Nicole Michelle at about the same time as Ro but since Nicole didn’t really seem to have the platform nor was she charging $30K for her classes, she became less of a priority in my research. However, now that Ro has been exposed Nicole has gotten a bit of an uptick. She, like Ro, offers classes on “femininity” in which she was charging a fee of $850, but is now charging $47.  She has also amassed a fairly large following on YouTube.

Nicole calls herself a “femininity influencer” and professes to teach women how to get married. Of course, we have been here before. It baffles me but the business of teaching black women how to be feminine in order to get married has to be one of the most lucrative hustles since flat tummy tea.

Nicole spends several hours per week ranting on YouTube about why black women are all single and what black women need to do to get married. Some of her Youtube video titles include:

“Why educated black women are unattractive”
“Tricks to get a man to marry you”
”When white zaddy wants a divorce from black women”

Her teachings are usually about what to wear, how to stay quiet, or how to sit in order to attract a “quality masculine man.” She often says that women over thirty who are overweight are a lost cause, and that only young women will be able to find a man willing to marry them. Basically, Nicole puts down black women who are educated, over 30 and single, single with children, or divorced mothers, with or without children, while pandering to the least desirable segment of black men.

But, who is Nicole Michelle really? Well, Nicole Michelle is 43 year old Nicole Robinson who resides in the Atlanta area. She is a divorced working mother of 3. That’s right, Nicole is single, working, and a mom, the same type of woman she constantly puts down in her videos.

Nicole has very low self-esteem. Extremely low. She is especially obsessed with putting down women who are bigger than a size 4 although she is larger than a size 4. She has repeatedly expressed her desire to get plastic surgery so that she can be the size 4 she deeply wishes to be. She really believes that changing her physical size will somehow attract a “quality man” to her.

Nicole’s “lessons” are a bunch of recycled misogyny. However, if anyone dares to disagree with her or criticize her, she blocks them claiming they are being disrespectful. If a woman disagrees with her she calls her masculine. In reality, Nicole is extremely sensitive and ill-equipped to deal with criticism from others, however, this doesn’t stop her from being nasty. She is quick to call women sluts, hoes, thots, etc., and encourages the cadre of men following her to disrespect women as well, but as soon as someone calls her out she cries that folks are trolling her.

The men who follow Nicole are extremely disrespectful to women. Overwhelmingly, these men relate to the incel and MGTOW movements. These men lack the social skills needed for dating and relationships. They constantly disrespect women on her pages, with her encouragement. Many of these men are following her because she espouses contempt for black women.

She contradicts herself. She professes that black women should marry black men some days, other days she says black women should date white men. Basically, Nicole is caught up in her own confusion. The truth is apparent, Nicole acts out her greatest fear, that she is a divorced woman with no prospects in sight. Unfortunately, she is trying to scam other women who may be vulnerable to her hypercritical sales pitch.

Ladies, those of you who are looking for marriage, please understand that no one can sell you anything to enhance your chances of getting married. There are no lessons or secrets to finding a husband. Changing what you wear or how you sit won’t get you a husband. Learning how to drink tea won’t get you a husband. Please stop falling for these scams. There is no right way to a marriage. There is also nothing wrong with being single. Stop selling yourself short because someone tells you it’s not ok to love you for you.


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