After YEARS of professing herself as a “femininity influencer” who teaches women to get married, all while divorced and single, Nicole Michelle has finally been photographed with a man in her life. I received these photos of her wedding to Tony Mumford this morning and honestly, nothing about her husband surprises me. I was expecting her to marry someone (IF she ever got married) lower on the attractiveness scale. So to see her with an older overweight man isn’t shocking at all. I definitely believe love comes in all shapes and sizes however, since Nicole likes to shame other’s for their life choices, I feel like it’s fair game to talk about her and her husband. Apparently she’s gone through a lot of trouble to keep photographs of her and her husband off the internet but that’s damn near impossible to do especially when you have said so many nasty things about so many people. On another note, for someone who claims to be the ultimate “feminine” woman, she picked a very ill fitting gown. Anyway here’s the pics! Enjoy!

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