I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to (sorry!) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t still been receiving emails about these femininity scammers. I received this one last week and decided I should share it in hopes that it will save at least one woman from being scammed by Nicole Michelle.

“I met Nicole on an app called clubhouse (which I now understand is known for scammy and money hungry people). The app is much like a live, interactive podcast. The hosts can host “rooms” and speak to the audience and they can allow the audience to speak and engage freely in live conversation. I was in one of Nicole’s rooms when we met. This allowed me to get to know her and the product she was selling. I got intrigued enough to make a few purchases. I made three purchases with Nicole: 1. 1-on-1 call package (came with 3 calls – which of 3 I’ve only used 2) 2. A course – Elite Finishing school for $420.00 3. A second course – Elite finishing school – social climbing course for $499. All of these courses were on sale when I purchased them, as I could not afford them otherwise. These were purchased with the understanding of a lifetime access to the courses on the portal. If there are different terms, she does not have them in the product description, or does she have them in the receipt. But she does have “SORRY NO REFUNDS”. Plastered all over the website. It was a few months ago when I noticed that both courses in my portal disappeared. I thought it was a glitch, and since I didn’t have time to troubleshoot (due to covid and other issues), I came back to the issue later and I emailed Nicole Michelle for the first time about the disappearance of a purchase I made with expectations of having a lifetime access to. She responded saying she’d look into it. That was the last time she’s responded to any of my emails. I sent her another email I noted in the email to her that I noticed one of the courses were recovered on my portal, but not the other. I asked her if the second course (the one for $499) would be recovered and I still have no response. From my personal and close interactions with her, I doubt she will respond or recover my course. I’ve seen her lie to her audience about happenings in my love life (as her client) just to gain the trust of people so that they will purchase her courses. I am working on disputing the $499 charge, and I am afraid that this case will cause her to take my other course away again. Also – I more than likely won’t get the chance to have my 3rd phone call with her, because she is not answering her emails. In conclusion, this is very unprofessional at the least, but also fraudulent. She does not provide full disclosure about the courses and how long you can have them, but she does mention that there are NO REFUNDS. I never even requested a refund, I requested the product that I purchased. No dice. So, I am missing out on $499 worth of product”


I know I keep saying this over and over but, ladies please, please, please stop giving these scammers your money. I have to point out AGAIN that Nicole Michelle is NOT MARRIED. Although she claims she’s engaged, she has no evidence of actually being near a man, much less being in a relationship with one. No matter how many memes she posts or what she sells she can’t produce any results of her so called “knowledge” for herself.


If you have also lost money to Nicole Michelle and would like to share your story please contact me:

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