I received this anonymous email regarding Nicole Michelle and decided to share it with you in its entirety. While I am not surprised I share in hopes of preventing more women from being scammed.

“Hello Kai:

I experienced the same thing with Nicole Michelle. I discovered her on YouTube in late 2018. Initially, I was turned off by her, because she had(has) talking points like the toxic Black men on YouTube. I eventually gave her a try and bought some of her courses and a consultation.

Okay, here where things get strange. I purchased her Femininity course last year,which she threw in her etiquette course for free. Apparently, you had to join the monthly Facebook membership(I never joined, but was billed monthly for over a year) group in order to continue having access to the course. I could have sworn that I paid a full fee for the Femininity course, but I could not find my receipt anywhere. I also paid in full for her business course, which all of a sudden went missing, along with my other courses. I wrote to her and asked what happened to my courses, and Nicole stated that she was updating the courses. I thought it was strange. The next day, all of my courses were back on my dashboard.

The recent incidents have me on the fence about her. I had a consultation with her, and I just wanted to see if she had the type of knowledge that she says. Unfortunately, I figured she was not skilled to be giving dating advice or any type of other life advice. There were periods of silence, and my consultation ended sooner. I could tell she wanted to end the call sooner. You know she had the nerve to ask me, ” so, let me ask you this, what’s your dress size.” Lol, I knew she was full of it. I never called her for that type of info, and my dress size had nothing to do with why I called her, or me wanting her to set me up on a date or something, lol. She definitely sounds like a toxic Black male Youtuber, whose name I will not write. After the call, I sent a follow-up email, and she responded five days later, which I thought was very unprofessional. It was also what she wrote. She claims to have a healing group for women, but she lacks the empathy and sympathy for her women supporters. After that, I unsubscribed from her Patreon and cancelled my monthly Facebook group membership, which I had not used. I woke up to find that I was locked out of my account, and my femininity and etiquette courses were gone, only my business course remained. I reached out to Nicole and asked what happened to my courses, and she asked did I cancel my membership or payment info. I told her that I canceled the group membership, but I thought I had paid fully for the femininity course. Nicole stated that the group membership was part of having continued access to the courses. She stated that she would take the matter to the board to see if my access could be resumed. So, I am thinking what a load of BS! After a few days, my business course was gone! I contact Nicole again. To my surprise, she stated that my business course was removed by mistake, and it would be replaced, which it was. She also asked me why did I cancel my Patreon. I felt like she was retaliating against me for canceling my membership and Patreon.

Now, she is selling a course to teach women how to get into high society and marry a wealthy man. She seems to have taken points from School of Aff(abbreviated for privacy) and repackaged it. I see that the Femininity sector is now a big hustle, especially to Black women. I now see these people selling coursees for $600-$2,500. It is all a smoke and mirrors.


Ladies please, please, please stop giving these scammers your money. I have to point out that Nicole Michelle is NOT MARRIED. She has no evidence of actually being near a man, much less being in a relationship with one. No matter how many memes she posts or what she sells she can’t produce any results of her so called “knowledge” for herself.


If you have also lost money to Nicole Michelle and would like to share your story please contact me:

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