So you have decided to bring a date to meet your family on Thanksgiving. This is usually considered a big step as far as dating goes because it sends the signal that you are serious about the person you are introducing to your family. To increase the chances that things will go smoothly for you here are some tips to make sure the night is not a full on disaster!


1. Find out if your date has any food allergies.


This may seem like a small thing but it’s super important because nothing can kill a wonderful night like a trip to the ER. So, ask your date before you go if they have any food allergies. Then confirm with the cooks whether those ingredients have been used to prepare dinner.


2. Ask if your date is an extrovert or an introvert.


Introverted and extroverted people respond differently to groups of people. If you happen to be dating an introvert they may come across as shy or cold to your family because they are not comfortable among groups. Extroverts on the other hand may come across as overbearing. Have a discussion with your date about how they would prefer to interact with your family. Ask them if they would prefer to have you present at all times or if they are ok with being left alone with your family members. You want the evening to go well, so it’s best to know what makes your date most comfortable.


3. Warn your date about problematic family members.


Got a touchy-feely relative? Or maybe an antagonistic one? Inform your date before you get there. Don’t let them be caught off guard by someone you know to be a problem. Make sure you provide a buffer if necessary. You definitely don’t want that one family member to ruin the night.


4. Understand your date’s political views.


Politics are bound to come up at Thanksgiving and you don’t want to be caught off guard in front of your family when you find out your date, for example, is a Trump supporter. You will never live it down. So make sure you know your date’s political views beforehand. If they clash with your family’s you may want to reconsider that invitation.


5. Know why you invited a date.


Do you genuinely want your date to meet your family? Or, are you trying to avoid appearing single? If you are trying to avoid the appearance of being single make sure your date knows this. Some people may not be ok with you presenting your relationship to others as more than what it really is. On top of that I doubt you want your date saying something that is inconsistent with what you may have told your family. Make sure that you both are on the same page as to why you are bringing them to meet your family. This will definitely help you avoid a disaster!



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