I had never heard of “femininity schools” or “femininity coaches” until after I wrote my book Date Like A Woman. When I first saw them I thought they were all ridiculous, especially the wife school cult leader. As I spoke out against the “femininity movement” I was met with a lot of resistance. Many people truly believe in “femininity” and how it will allegedly help them get married.  However, now that six years have passed we can actually take a look at what the “femininity” movement has truly done.

Angela Holcomb

Let’s start with Angela S. Holcomb, author of 21 Days to Feminine Magnetism and leader of the “Wifed Up Movement”. She was exposed in 2019 for not being married and completely fabricating a fake life online. You can read all about the exposure here. Unfortunately it seems that Angela has completely disappeared from social media. I wasn’t able to locate her anywhere. The “Wifed Up Movement” seems to be gone as well.


Namaste Moore

Next we have Namaste Moore. Namaste and her husband run something called The School of Alchemy and the School of Feminine Transformation. I decided to post about her because several people reached out to me about her concerned that she was also running a scam. I did end up receiving stories from two people who confirmed that Namaste and her husband were running a cult, which I posted. Feel free to check them out. The Truth About Namaste Moore and The Truth About Namaste Moore – Part 2. Namaste Moore and her husband appear to still be running their cult without consequences.


Nicole Michelle

Next there is Nicole Michelle. Nicole’s scam is called the Inner Beauty Movement. For years Nicole has been peddling her “femininity” program through videos of her ranting about why black women are all single and what black women need to do to get married. She spent years stating that she was engaged with no man in sight but eventually in 2021 she did pop up with a very undesirable  husband.

Last year Nicole had a falling out with her business partner Gabe Bell. After they fell out Gabe exposed her on the Clubhouse app for being a scammer. Nicole is apparently still out there scamming women and I think she has recently stepped into my world by becoming an author.

And lastly we have Ro Elori Cutno, but before we get into her let’s take a look at how a few of her most loyal students are doing to see if wife school actually worked out for them.

Haleema Muhammad – Haleema became involved with the wife school cult at the very young age of 20. She was living in Senegal inside the compound with Ro and others. At the time she was there she regularly made videos with the cult however at some point she just disappeared from the cult altogether. Eventually she reappeared and started posting photos of herself with a young man in Senegal claiming to be married and referring to herself as “Mrs. Kane.” Eventually Haleema returned to the US and gave birth to a son. When the baby was around 1 year old Haleema did post photos of herself back in Senegal with the baby and the young man she claimed to be her husband but since that time all photos of the young man and her any post referring to herself as “Mrs. Kane” have been scrubbed from her social media. We can only assume that Haleema is back in the US living as a young single mother after spending years in the wife school cult.

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Periz Malack (Anikiyah Periz Jackson) – Periz has been involved with the wife school cult for years and is one of the “certified wives” as well as a “mentor” to the other women in the cult. We know that Periz has been paired off with multiple husbands while in the cult, probably at least 3 but may be 4. It’s hard to keep up with who she’s been married to since it can change so quickly. Last year she scrubbed her page of photos of the most recent husband and father of her child. We assumed it was a “divorce” based on her postings but who knows. At this point it appears she is still in Senegal with Ro living in impoverished conditions based on the photos they post.

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Tamika Hoffler – Tamika may be the saddest wife school cult follower of all. She has literally let the cult suck every bit of life out of her. Even after years of being a devout follower of the cults “teachings” and two trips to Senegal, she is still single. What makes it even crazier is she has now started teaching “workshops” for the wife school cult . Yes, the single mother of two children, with no husband or prospects, who has been in the wife school cult for at least 4 years, is now trying to teach other women how to be a “wife”. Tamika currently spends the majority of her time online saying negative things about single mothers and espousing homophobia.

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And finally…

Ro Elori Cutno – My journey from challenging Ro to an online debate on Facebook to actually exposing her as a cult leader in 2018 has been a wild ride. My blog has been a front row seat to her exposure and downfall. At one time Ro’s cult was making pretty good money and even though nothing Ro claimed to be true was true, people still believed her lies enough to be scammed. Once exposed she has jumped from scam to scam. She’s tried to peddle cooking classes, art classes, masculine son course, a fake bank, a fake interior design business, a real estate scam… the list is endless. Nothing was as lucrative as the wife school.  So what’s going on with Ro and her cult now? As many of you may recall we exposed the cult for allegedly being homeless on a beach in Senegal in 2021. Since then Ro, her family and at least two loyal followers seem to have been drifting around the countryside in Senegal. Ro declared the end of wife school in December 2022. To be transparent, Ro has declared to stop teaching several times before over the years, that declaration usually comes in December she usually starts back to “teaching” in the early spring of the following year. So far this new year all she has posted is photos/videos of her and her family looking impoverished. But at least they are inside of a building instead of homeless on the beach! Check out pics below.

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I decided write about where these scammers are now because for years I have seen multiple internet  scammers prey on women, especially black women. These scammers always claim that they can teach women how to get married. They also claim that marriage is the solution to women’s discontent, it’s not. Trust me, if you are struggling in any way the last thing you want to add to your life is a marriage.  It is my hope that by showing you what these people have become over the years it will help people to see these “femininity teachers” for who they are, frauds. A new “femininity teacher” pops up almost every month. They are only there to take your money. The truth is no one can teach you how to get married. It’s not possible.


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