Slowly the world is changing and women are starting to understand that dating multiple men is the best way to find the most compatible partner. However, while many women are getting out there and enjoying their dating experiences there is also a backlash from some men who don’t like the idea of women dating multiple men at the same time. I say some men because not all men are upset at women dating multiple men. But why are some men so upset that women are dating multple men and enjoying it now? They are insecure. The idea of women having the ability to date multiple men triggers deep insecurities some men have. Those insecurities can be anything from looks to height to money. When men realize women are dating multiple men it makes men compare themselves to other men, and if a man feels as though he’s lacking in anyway he will feel insecure at the thought that a woman may choose a “better” option over him.

Another reason some men don’t like the idea of a woman dating multiple men, power. Women now have the power to choose which man they want to be with. Anytime there is a shift in power there is going to be a backlash. As women continue to gain more power in society women are no longer choosing men simply based on what men can provide finacially which in previous decades was a necessity. Women now are choosing men who are capable of more than just financial stability but emotional support and emotional stability as well. Women are choosing to be with men that are the most compatible with them on multiple levels instead of just settling with a man for survival. Women are looking for men who are more well rounded than ever before. In fact, many women are choosing to be single and enjoying dating instead of marrying. Because of this shift in power men at this point in time have to bring a lot more “to the table” than ever before. Many of the men who are upset about women dating multiple men lack many of the attributes which are necessary to attract a woman now. That’s why they don’t like the idea of women having the power to decide if they will be “chosen.”

As I say in my book, “Men Chase, Women Choose” because women really do have the power to choose the man they want now. And dating multiple men is how women get to make that decision. So if you are truly interested in finding the most compatible man for you, you have to get out there and date! (And get my book to help you along!)


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