Ro Cutno has been in Senegal for the past couple of months still trying to keep her defunct wife school cult going. While there she’s been posting sadly weird videos of her and her few loyal followers. She’s also been posting videos featuring local Senegalese children. In one of these videos she and others passed out food to the children. In another the children got in a pool and in another video she had the children eating popcorn with chopsticks. However now Ro is posting photos of these children and requesting an “American host” to “assist with etiquette class studies and passive income.” Check out the screenshots below.


This is disturbing because it’s unclear if these children’s parents have any idea their children’s photos being used for Ro’s personal financial gain. It’s also unclear if the parents of these children have any idea they are dealing with a scammer. Hopefully someone locally will be able to investigate. It’s one thing to scam adults, it’s a completely different thing to involve children in your deplorable scams.


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